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clematis vines

Clematis Vines, produce hundreds of flowers for weeks at a time. These perennial vines make perfect companions to plant along with your climbing roses.

Clematis is also known as devil’s darning needles and virgin’s bower. The flower color and plant size selection is large and growing.

Clematis produce many sizes of flowers, some very large (5 inches) and some almost minute (1 inch). Bloom times vary by variety. Some will bloom as early as June and as late as September.

Small flowered varieties offer more blooms and over a longer period of time than larger bloomed varieties.

The ideal planting location for maximum bloom of the clematis vines,is where the clematis plant will receive at least 6 hours of sun. It prefers well drained, humus-rich soils and ideally the root system should be shaded or mulched at the very least.

Most clematis will grow well in soil pH of 6.0 to 7.5. Lime may be added to very acidic soils to promote faster growth and more flowering.

These perennial flowering vines are a heavy water user. A large mature vine can use in excess of 2 gallons of water a day during the hot summer so supplemental watering is important. In colder climates mulch should be applied in the fall to help protect the root systems. Clematis vines prefer cool roots, or shaded roots, during the growing season.

Planting shallow rooted annuals or perennials, such as Hosta, can provide the clematis roots with a cooler environment.

Clematis can be grown in containers. The containers need to be well drained and kept moist. Use a container that is at least 2 feet deep and about that wide.

purple clematis vine on arbor

For Information on How to Care For Clematis Vines visit; Clematis Care

All of these beautiful Clematis are available from Nature Hills. If you are looking for more information/pricing, or want to order any of them, just click on the headline of each one.

They have a very LARGE, and unique variety of Clematis, scroll down to view the lovely varieties.

clematis barbara harrington

Clematis Barbara Harrington has lovely cerise 4" flowers that have pointed petals with a darker border and contrasting yellow anthers. They have an exceptionally free flowering habit. It blooms from late June, right through September.

clematis andrometar

Clematis 'Andromeda' This pretty clematis has large creamy pink flowers with vivid darker rose-pink centers on the sepals with a distinctive, rich pink stripe down the center of each petal.

clematis bonanza

Clematis Bonanza   Part of "The Festoon Collection", this Evison/Poulsen clematis is also extremely free flowering from late June through September. It was bred to have excellent disease resistance.

clematis bonanza

Clematis Bourbon, This clematis from Raymond J. Evison, was specifically hybridized for patio containers. It has compact growth that reaches only 3-4 feet tall, which makes it a perfect fit if you want a small climbing vine. (Nice planted on a lamp post!)

Cut the blossoms of these clematis flowers!

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clematis candida

Clematis Candida, features pure white, 6" flowers with creamy white to yellow stamens on a vigorous vine. It blooms in early summer and again in late summer. Candida makes a great cut flower as well!

clematis wysznski

Clematis Cardinal Wyszynski, will add beautiful color to your garden with huge 8" glowing crimson flowers. The flowers are vibrant, and are accented with darker crimson anthers and light pink filaments. It is very free flowering!

More Beautiful Clematis

clematis charissima

Clematis Charissima has large cerise pink 6-7 inch flowers with broad overlapping petals with darker colored bars and veining. The dark maroon anthers make a bold accent against the lighter colored flowers.

clematis artic queen

Clematis 'Arctic Queen' is a new cultivar that should be known as 'The Queen of the Doubles', instead of, as clematis vines are often referred to, as 'The Queen of the Vines'. Arctic Queen' has the strongest habit of any double

clematis baltyk

Clematis 'Baltyk is a large flowering Polish variety. It is is an early bloomer with light blue-violet flowers with dark crimson stamens. A light red bar gently graces the center of each petal as the flowers mature.

Clematis Flowering Vines can be planted on a post, trellis, or even allowed to grow into a tree.

They take a few years to get started, but once they get growing, you won't believe the flower power, and just how truly beautiful they can be!

Perennial vines, such as Clematis Vines, are easy to grow, and well worth the initial investment for years of beauty! I hope you can find room in your garden for at least one of these beauties!

clematis fireworks

Clematis 'Fireworks', explodes into color with beautiful 8" bluish purple flowers with glowing cerise central bars. The petals have a slight twist to them and are slightly re-curved at the tips. It re-blooms again in late summer.

Keep color in your garden all season, with beautiful perennial Clematis vines and flowers!

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