Claire Austin Rose

White English Roses by David Austin

Claire Austin roseClaire Austin

The Claire Austin rose is a charming white English Musk rose by none other than the famous rose breeder David Austin.

This beautiful white rose begins with cupped buds that are a pale lemon color. As they gradually open, they form large, creamy white rose flowers of typical English Musk fashion.

This beautiful white rose has lots of petals! (They remind me of a peony flower). The petals are very perfectly arranged into concentric circles with more petals loosely arranged in the center of the flower.

The fragrance on these English roses is simply wonderful!  It is described as being very strong; Myrrh with dashes of meadowsweet, heliotrope, and vanilla.

More about the Claire Austin Rose..

Type English Musk Shrub rose

Hybridizer David C.H. Austin 2007 (United Kingdom)

Blooms White blooms are cupped, globular, quartered bloom form Flowers are around 3 1/2" across, with about 120 petals

Foliage Medium, medium green foliage

Growth Habits Strong growing bush gets 4-5' tall by 2-3' wide. Arching

Fragrance Strong, myrrh scent

Hardy zones Zone 6-9

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Claire Austin forms a very elegant, arching, freestanding shrub rose, especially if you prune it during the summer. It will also make a very nice small climber.

It is repeat flowering, and blooms in flushes from early summer through early fall, mostly solitary flowers.

It is not as hardy as some of the other Austin roses (only to zone 6), so if you live in a colder zone, you would do well to choose one of the other white roses by Austin.

It grows 4-5' tall, by 2-3' wide.

This English rose was named for the breeder (David Austin's) daughter.

It does well as a garden rose, and also as cut flowers for the vase. If I could grow this rose, I'd be picking plenty of those lovely, and very fragrant blooms for the house! It is said to be very fragrant.


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