Cinderella Miniature Rose

Micro-Miniature Rose Bush

The Cinderella miniature rose represents the very best of the micro-miniatures. It has classic Hybrid tea form flowers that are a satiny white, tinged with pink.

The micro-mini blooms on the Cinderella mini white rose bush cover the plant. This rose bush blooms in flushes throughout the season.

The exhibition form blooms are borne in large clusters, and rest on a compact, and very bushy plant.

The very tiny blooms of this rose, have lots of petals (55), and are complemented by small, dainty foliage.

Because the Cinderella miniature rose is so small and compact, it is ideal for growing in containers. It is also a favorite rose of flower arrangers and florists, and is used regularly.

More about the Cinderella Miniature Rose..

Type Micro Miniature Rose

Hybridizer Jan de Vink 1953

Growth Habits Upright growing, vigorous and bushy, it grows to 10-12”

Blooms Satiny white, with a pale pink tinge. Blooms have 55petals. Exhibition form flowers are 1” across

Foliage small size, medium matte foliage

Fragrance moderate fragrance (Spicy)

Awards Miniature Rose Hall of Fame 2000

Hardy zone zones 6-11

These micro miniature roses come on a vigorous growing rosebush that branches out well, and supply’s lots of picture perfect blooms.

The tiny white colored buds burst open to become satiny white, rosette blooms, with a tinge of pink color to them.

‘Cinderella’ has been on the market for more than 50 years, and it is still just as popular today as it was when it was introduced.. It was introduced by ‘Jan de Vink’ (the Dutch pioneer of miniature roses), in 1953.

If you want white roses that have small and petite blooms,and the ability to flower well, this mini rose plant grows compact, and is literally covered in blooms. When searching for a white mini;(I guess Dreams really can come true!)

This superb rose blooms continually throughout the season, (in flushes) producing lots of blooms. Cooler climates tend to enhance the color of this mini rose.

It has been reported, that ‘Cinderella’ will do best if given winter protection in cooler climates, so cover it up, for a better chance of winter survival!

I wish this little rose was hardy to my climate (zone 5), but since it is not, I will have to leave this one to those of you in zones 6 and above!

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