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The Chuckles Rose, is a deep rose-pink color, with a white eye. An extremely floriferous rose bush, these Floribunda roses have amazing flower power! The Chuckles rose produces long buds that open to single, pink colored blooms with lovely golden stamens. The pink color fades as the flowers age. Flowers appear in clusters of 3-15 flowers per cluster. The bush as lots of dark, shiny leaves, with an arching growth habit.

The flowering is so intense, a bush in full bloom is sure to put a smile on your face! Sometimes, you'll get so many blooms, the dark green foliage is almost completely hidden by pink petals.

Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Shepherd 1958

Blooms deep rose pink color, sometimes with white centers. Flowers are 2 1/2” across, with 11 petals

Growth Habits Upright, tall, bushy grower, that can reach 4-5’

Foliage dark green, leathery

Fragrance Moderate fragrance

Hardy Zone 4-9

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More facts about the Chuckles Rose

These pink rose bushes are very vigorous growing. Being Canadian-bred they are also very hardy.

They are quite unique and unusual roses, that start with long pointed buds, that open to pink, single flowers. The blooms fade to light pink as they age.

The flowers appear in clusters of 3-15. In the Fall, the bush produces twice as many flowers! (Most roses have the best flush in the Spring)This rose produces "flushes" of flowers all season, but loves the cooler weather in the Fall.

Be sure to regularly dead-head the bush to keep the flowers coming. When flowering stops in late Fall, you'll get plenty of bright orange Rose Hips.

This rose can be trimmed to suit your needs. You can prune it low, or let it grow more naturally. It is a vigorous growing bush, that has an arching habit that is simply gorgeous when covered in blooms!

This rose is also shade tolerant, so you are sure to find a spot for it, even if it gets a bit of shade!

It is great in the garden, and a great rose for landscaping, where you will often seen it pruned as a low bush. In warmer climates it can grow considerably taller, and can reach around 5'.

Note: I just love Floribunda Roses! This rose 'Chuckles', is on my list of "must haves!) I think the flowers are beautiful, (and the bush produces lots of them), and this is a very hardy rose (to zone 4).

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