Chrysler Imperial Rose

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chrysler Imperial rose

The Chrysler Imperial Rose bears magnificent deep rich, crimson red roses with a velvety sheen. They are very beautiful, red hybrid tea roses.

The deep red, high centered blooms have a strong damask perfume.

The hybrid tea Chrysler Imperial rose, is your typical red roses for cutting. Their sheer beauty, along with the wonderful fragrance, make them the perfect rose to cut. Do you like to cut your roses? Do you like red roses? If you want to grow roses that you can cut for a vase, these Hybrid tea roses  are a definite favorite.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Laments 1952

Blooms The bloom size is 4 1/2'- 5", with a petal count of 45

Growth Habits The bush grows to a height of 4' high x 3'wide.

Foliage Foliage is dark green and semi-glossy, with thorny canes.

Fragrance Strong Damask

Awards the American Rose Society's James A Gamble Rose Fragrance Award, All American Winner in 1953, and Gold medal Portland USA.

Hardy Zone

zones 6-10

This is a rose that has withstood the test of time. It has been around for a very long time. (over 60 years)

As for that wonderful fragrance, it was a winner of many awards!

In high centered,typical Hybrid tea form, the beautiful, velvety flowers are produced continuously all season. They are wonderfully fragrant, and very striking against the matte green foliage.

Deadheading the Roses keeps the bush neat and tidy, and will cause the bush to produce more roses. Always try to keep spent blooms clipped off, and don't be afraid to cut your roses.

Hybrid teas like this one are perfect for enjoying inside in a vase as well as out in the garden. Try mixing a vase of pure white roses, or yellow roses for a stunning effect.

This rose tends to mildew in cool, wet climates, but has otherwise excellent disease resistance, and can be somewhat winter hardy. (not recommended for cold climates) The cold temperatures can cause the flowers to "blue".

Facts about the Chrysler Imperial Rose

When the rose 'Chrysler Imperial' was first advertised, it pictured Chrysler automobiles in the ad. For allowing the car picture in the ad, the breeder was given a free car.

Other rose hybridizers of the time thought this a strange way to market a rose! Well, strange or not, they got the word out, and this rose is still being sold in today's market.

(Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea after all!)

The breeder of this rose wanted to call it 'Chrysler', but the car-makers objected to them using their trademark, so it was called 'Chrysler Imperial' instead.

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