Christmas Garden Urn

How to Decorate an Outdoor Urn

christmas garden urn

I decorated my Christmas Garden Urn with greenery and berries I found growing on my property.

The garden is done for the year, the roses are put to bed, but I see no reason why the garden can't still be decorated to make it look nice for the Holiday season (especially if it can be viewed from inside the house).

I decided that decorating my outdoor garden urn would make the garden more festive. This urn is made of wrought Iron, so it stays out all winter.

It's a bit cold for working outdoors, but it didn't take me long to collect my snips and gloves from the potting shed and go foraging for some greens and berries.

Follow along as I show you How to Decorate an Outdoor Urn.

My Christmas Garden Urn Decorations

I began by removing all the dead flowering plants from the urn, leaving the potting mix intact. (you need the potting mix to stick the branches into.) 

Next I stuck some branches with red berries into the center. Some of you may have different red berries (I used branches that I snipped from my Red Barberry)

Caution: These are VERY prickly!

 You could begin with Red Twig Dogwood branches in the center if you have them, and add berries to the sides. Pinecones spray painted gold or silver would be festive.

If you have Holly, use some branches from that.

(Use what you have!)

red berries in outdoor urn

Next I (planted) some Hemlock branches around the back, then in front of the red berries.

There is no right or wrong to this decorating, just keep adding branches until you get the look you want or until you feel you have enough.

adding greenery to outdoor garden urn

I then added some branches from a very overgrown Arborvitae shrub in front of the berries. (just for a different texture)

And lastly, I  stuck in a few more branches with the berries on them. (I felt it needed more)

I am happy with the end result of my Christmas Garden Urn, but if you feel you need more, go ahead and add a big red bow, or other Christmas embellishments.

holiday garden urn

This is my finished Holiday Urn. It will be very pretty against the white snow...

Sooner or later it will snow!

This will of course freeze and stay all winter long, adding winter interest to my rose garden.

finished urn decorated for christmas

I hope you've enjoyed my project. You could use the same principles to decorate any object in the yard, on the porch or deck. Use branches and things you collect from nature. It's easy and FUN!


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