China Doll Rose

Pink Polyantha Roses

China Doll rose, is a very free-flowering, almost thorn less rose, that bears large trusses of lovely pink flowers. The flowers are small, (2”), cupped, with 24 petals. They are semi-double, pink with white petal backs. There is a hint of white, or mimosa yellow at the center, and yellow stamens are visible as the flower opens out. There is a distinct ruffled edge to the petals on the China Doll rose that give it charm and character.

Large clusters of flowers are exuberantly born. The clusters can contain as many as fifteen blooms. The long lasting flowers are quick to repeat, keeping the bush constantly in bloom. It has healthy, leathery, green foliage.

This (almost thorn less) Bourbon rose is very easy to grow, and will tolerate even poor soils. It can easily be propagated from cuttings. This is a reliable rose that is especially useful for low-growing borders, or containers.

Plant a row of them along the front of the garden, or around a center bed for a fantastic display of flowers all season! As an edging plant, grow them closely spaced, so they “grow” together to form a nice border.

They are vigorous growing, compact roses that can be used in any type of landscape design.

Type Polyantha Rose

Hybridizer Walter Lammerts 1946 (USA)

Growth Habits Compact, short, upright growing bush grows 1-3 feet.

Blooms Small, semi- double, warm pink flowers

Foliage matte, dark green foliage, with few prickles

Fragrance light and musky fragrance

Hardy zone zones 5

It’s almost hard to believe that such a small sized rose bush could produce so… many flowers…and with such profusion, they are constantly in bloom.

A sport of this rose 'Weeping China Doll' was introduced in 1977. This rose has the same pink flowers, but the plant has a trailing habit of growth and is popular for weeping standards, and as a landscape plant.

Another sport “Climbing China Doll” is grown in Australia as a (conventional Rambler), the flowers on this sport, come in a series of flushes, unlike other old-fashioned once-flowering Polyantha roses.

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