Chihuly Rose

Bold and Flashy Floribunda

chihuly roseChihuly Rose

The Chihuly rose  is a flashy, bold Floribunda rose that makes a statement in the garden.

The yellow blooms blush to fiery orange before turning a deep red color. It is in a state of ever changing colors as new flowers open. A real conversation bush in the garden, as the dazzling blooms produce a stunning display against the deep green foliage and red colored new growth..

The unique petals are sometimes blushed, blended or painted (all the blooms seem different).

Even the foliage on the Chihuly rose changes from mahogany red to a deep dark green.

It's as if someone 'hand painted' some of the petals on this beautiful rose with subtle stripes.

More about the Chihuly Rose...

Type Floribunda

Hybridizer Tom Carruth 2003

Blooms  Apricot/Red blend roses. They begin a bold yellow, turning  to a fiery orange, then aging to deep rich red color. Flowers have 25-30 petals, and are 3-4" across

Foliage   The foliage starts red than turns  a glossy, leathery, dark green. Leaves are medium size. Foliage is dense, and grows right to the ground.

Growth Habit   Medium size bush grows upright and bushy 3-4'

Fragrance  Only a slight fragrance

Hardy Zone  Zones 6b- 9b

These floribunda roses like to grow in a warmer climate. (zones 6b-9b)

The ever changing blooms are amazing! They begin a more apricot yellow, and change to a brighter yellow with glowing red petal tips.

The medium sized flowers get larger when the weather gets cooler.

The flowers come in small clusters, and bloom continually all through the growing season.

The bush grows stiff and upright around 3-4' and spreads as wide. It is bushy growing, and very disease resistant.

It is a vigorous grower, and is not fussy as to soil or ph.

The flowers are held very upright, and usually appear in clusters.

Although recommended for cut flowers; It is also very thorny, making it not such a good candidate for cut flowers (my opinion)!

It got it's name from the noted glass sculptor artist Dale Chihuly. (They say this rose is as beautiful as his work, and rightly named)

This is Not a good choice for us colder climate gardeners, it doesn't do well through our winters!

Reader Comments;

by Leslie  (Victoria, B. C.) 

This floribunda has a mild fragrance, and grows 4-5ft
and the color is lovely (Picture of Chihuly at top of page provided by Leslie) Thanks for sharing with us!


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