Cherry Parfait Rose

Bi-Colored Grandiflora Roses

cherry parfait rose

The Cherry Parfait Rose are lovely bi-color roses that are Grandiflora roses. They are just as pretty as it's name suggests! The luscious cherry and cream colored blooms make a striking display in the garden. The Cherry Parfait rose, is a magnificently colored rose.

The perfect, cream colored flowers are beautifully edged in red. These Grandiflora roses are very generous with it's flowers, and it is almost always in bloom!

The bush is quick to repeat those white flowers, broadly edged in cherry red, making them great when used in a border, or combined with other perennials, or anywhere there is a need for constant color. These Grandiflora roses become a plant that grows loose, and spreading, covering itself in blooms.

Type Grandiflora Rose

Hybridizer Meilland 2002

Blooms White to cream colored, edged in cherry red. Flowers are 4" across. 30-35 petals

Growth Habits Bush grows Tall, vigorous, and upright, 4-5', by 2' wide. It has a slightly spreading habit.

Foliage Foliage is medium size, dark green and glossy.

Fragrance Only slight, sweet fragrance

Awards Buenos Aires Gold Medal 2000, AARS 2003

Hardy Zone

Hardy in zones 6-10

What a spectacular rose this is! Not only does this rose bush bloom abundantly, but the flowers hold their color well, even through the heat of Summer. It is a vigorous growing bush with flowers that stand out brilliantly against the lovely dark green glossy foliage.

It is a stand-out in the garden, producing generous sprays of bloom throughout the growing season. The pretty, cupped blooms open flat, and are set off by the dark foliage.This is a rose that is very disease resistant. Especially to Black spot, and Mildew.

Here is a picture I took of the whole bush. It was just covered in beautiful blooms!

Cherry Parfait Rosebush

rose bush of cherry parfait

I photographed these bi-colored Grandiflora roses at the Elizabeth Rose Garden in CT, and I must confess, it was one of my favorites!

The swirling cherry colored blossoms drew me to it like a magnet. I couldn't believe how colorful they were. It is certainly a very beautiful rose.

(unfortunately it is not hardy to my zone, so I won't attempt to grow it, but what a beauty!)

To avoid dissapointment: Always check the hardiness zone of any rose before you attempt to grow it. (This one requires Spring freeze protection)

In Europe you will find this rose under the name; Jubile  du Prince Monaco, where it is classified differently.

Uses: Garden bed, border, landscape rose, container.

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