Centifolia Rose

Once Blooming Cabbage Roses

The Centifolia rose is a very beautiful shade of deep pink, with very double blooms that measure 3 1/2" across. They have a cupped cabbage shape to the flowers.

The flowers appear in early to mid summer and are arranges in small clusters from tight, feathery buds.

The blooms on the 'Centifolia' rose are very full, and stuffed full of petals; Up to 6o-plus petals (Centifolia means 'hundred petaled').

The beautiful roses have a very strong, heady perfume to them.

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Type   Centifolia (Cabbage) rose

Hybridizer unknown The Netherlands around 1596 or before

Blooms Rose flowers are Deep pink, very full, and Once Blooming

Foliage  The leaves are medium size,grey/green color, coarse

Growth Habit  It grows 6' high by 4 1/2' wide

Fragrance very strong fragrance (old Rose)

Hardy Zone  zones 4-9

The flowers are produced on a somewhat arching plant with grey-green leaves.

The bush can grow a bit tall ( up to 6'), and does best if you put a few stakes in the ground beside it to hold up the canes.

When planted in good soil it will produce long strong shoots with lots of reddish thorns (prickles).

The canes tend to collapse under the weight of the heavy flowers, giving the bush a rather floppy appearance.

This lovely rose blooms but once a year!

'Centifolia' rose is a sun lover, and tends not to open well in wet climates.

The leaves are Greyish green and coarse.


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