Catherine Mermet

Popular Old Tea Rose

Catherine Mermet Rose

The Catherine Mermet rose is a popular old Tea rose that was one of the all time favorites of florists at the time.

The rose begins with pointed buds that are long and elegant. The tips of the petals begin to scroll back even before the buds open. The petals on Catherine Mermet have a soft looking pale peach/pink color with backs a bit darker. This color change creates the most beautiful tone within the heart of the flowers.

The sweet, delicate looking flowers are born singly or in small clusters of 2-3, on stems that are long, stout and upright. They are the perfect cut flowers, which by the way they were well know for back in the 19th century when florists grew them in their greenhouses by the thousands.

The nodding blooms become the most beautiful shade of pink that fades as they age. As the flowers open, the petals reflex back to form delicate looking points.

More about Catherine Mermet Rose...

Type  Tea Rose

Hybridizer Jean Baptiste Andre Guillot (France 1869)

Blooms   Light Blush Pink, Double bloom Form roses are Globular shaped. The 4-5" flowers have 26-40 petals.

Foliage Dark Green, Healthy Foliage

Fragrance Strong, Sweet fragrance

Growth Habits  The bush is Tall growing, reaching around 4-7' tall by about 4' wide It grows bushier than most Tea roses.

Hardy Zones   6b - 9b

Parentage; Unknown

This rose becomes a well branched bush with healthy foliage. It produces it's beautiful blooms all season. The flowers start appearing in late spring to early summer and repeat blooms in profusion through the season.

Although widely know as a cut flower rose, this is also a great rose for the garden if you live in the right climate to grow it.  It prefers hot, dry climates. The rain often spoil the blooms. Some perfect climates that it seems to prefer include; California and Texas.

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