Carpet Roses

Carpet Roses are low growing, spreading, carefree roses that are very vigorous. They are very useful landscape roses.

If you have a sloped area where erosion is a problem, these ground cover plants are low spreading roses will help to keep the soil from washing away.

Or, if you have a spot in the front of your garden that could benefit from some rapidly spreading, low roses, try some of these floral roses.

carpet rose wing dingWing Ding rose

Most Carpet roses (or) ground cover plants, tend to be very tough, and even salt tolerant. This makes carpet flower roses favorites of coastal gardeners. Because of their low profile, these low roses will stand up to the drying winds found at beach fronts.

The carpet flower roses are also very nice planted in the front of larger roses. These rose types are low-maintenance rose plants that are very hardy, and very easy to care for.

They are available in many colors, so it's easy to find one for your chosen spot in the garden.

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The following is a list of some of the more popular ground cover plants (carpet roses), with some growing information about each one.

I hope this information about them can help you pick the right one for your chosen spot.

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Best Performing Carpet Flower Roses

Artic Sunrise

Pure white, many petaled blooms, on a very short dense, spreading ground cover plant. Lovely small rose! height 2-2 1/2 width 4-5". This one is very popular. zones 5-10.

Baby Blanket

This beauty is covered in soft pink blooms all season!

These carpet roses, are a best seller in the industry.

Light sweet fragrance

It grows 5 ft wide x 3 feet high

It is a favorite with landscapers, because it makes a really nice landscape rose.

Beach Blanket

beach blanket rose

Looking for a fast grower?

This heavy bloomer is vigorous and easy to grow!

It produces waves of color.

Bright pink with a bright golden eye.

Slight fragrance

grows 2 feet wide and 18 inches tall

Blossom Blanket

This rose gets its name because it quickly covers the ground with masses of blooms.

It chokes out weeds, giving you a parade of blooms all season.

light sweet fragrance

grows 5 feet by 3 feet high

Carpet of Color

Small cupped, ruffled, semi double blooms. A beautiful blend of, gold, pink, and scarlet. Several planted together will draw you like a magnet! height 1 1/2' width 2' zones 5-10


Brilliant red, single blooms, with a yellow center, are very long lasting. Very dense, spreading plant. Profuse blooming. height 1 1/2-2' width 4-5' zones 5-10

Green Snake

Single blooms change from pink to light pink. Grows very flat against the ground.

Ivory Drift

White, cupped, ruffled blooms  come in clusters. Glossy, dark green foliage. Grows 1 1/2' high by 2' wide zones 5-10

Lazy Susan

Rich, deep pink single blooms with golden centers. Outstanding, profuse bloomer. height 2- 2/1' width 4' zones 5-10

Magic Carpet

Masses of small, semi-double lavender mauve flowers. height 18" width-3-4' Has glossy, luxurious foliage.

zones 5-`10

More Carpet Roses

Peachy Creeper

Very low to the ground. Spreads to a width of 4 ft, but gets only 9-12 inches high. Very pretty peachy orange blooms, blushed with a golden yellow center. Blooms in absolute profusion. height 9-12" width 4" zones 5-10

Peach Drift

Bright, peach/apricot cupped shaped blooms on a low-growing, mounded bush. 12-18" high by 2' wide Very disease resistant zones 5-10

Pearl Drift

This one is a pretty blush white color. It grows 3x4 feet. It repeats bloom, is even shade tolerant. Hardy zones 6-9

Pretty in Pink

Very full flowers of a lovely soft pink,completely cover the plant. Fragrant flowers, stand out nicely against the bright green foilage. height 1 1/2' width 4-5' zones 5-10


Fully double, lovely cupped blooms are a bright cherry pink, produced in clusters. A spreading bush that forms a low mound. Great for trailing over walls. height 2 1/2' width 4 1/2' Once blooming. zones 5-10

Red Cascade

These red carpet roses, are a  trailing plant that covers itself with deep red, double flowers. Great for training over the sides of planters, containers or raised beds. A real beauty! height 1 1/2' width 4' zones 5-10

Red Drift

Cupped, double blooms on these carpet roses are scarlet red. They cover the bush! The foliage is semi-glossy, dark green, and has excellent disease resistance.

Grows 12-18" by 2' wide Zones 5-10

Roseberry Blanket

roseberry blanket rose

The Roseberry Blanket flower carpet rose is in constant bloom!

The color is dark pink/rose.

It is always free from black spot.

It will grow 12-18" tall, and can spread to a distance of 2 feet wide.

It has a lovely, Spicy fragrance

This low-growing rose is especially nice cascading from a low wall!

And what a fantastic color!

Wing Ding

(pictured at top of page)

Searing shiny red blooms that form huge, cascading conical sprays of rosette-like orange/red flowers that will spill over a rock wall or spread out. They have a nearly endless supply that stay clean and disease free. One stem makes a long-lasting bouquet.

This carpet flower rose, is much like the fairy rose in style.

It makes a great perpetual-flowering low hedge, with rounded plants that will amaze you!

Fragrance-mild grows 2-3 ft. x 3-4 ft. wide.

Hardy zones 5-1-

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