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carefree wonder rose

Carefree Wonder Rose is an excellent pink shrub rose with large flowers, and super hardiness!It performs consistently in all climates. (See pictures of mine below.)

The hardiness and disease resistance of the Carefree Wonder rose, makes it relatively carefree.

These hardy roses are pink shrub roses of a medium pink color blend, with a white eye, and light pink reverse, making for a stunning color contrast.

The flowers appear different when fully open, giving you full view of the white eye.

More Information about Carefree Wonder Rose

Type Shrub Roses

Hybridizer This rose was bred by Meilland International France (1978) It was introduced into the U.s, by Conard Pyle (Star Roses) as "Carefree Wonder"

Blooms The cupped form bloom has double, 17-25 petals, with an average diameter of 3.5"

Growth Habits Vigorous, medium size, bushy These pink shrub roses, grow to a height of 3-4 ft. and can spread to a width of 2-3'.

Foliage medium green, semi-glossy, narrow, reddish, prickles (thorns)red new growth, with deeply serrated edges to the leaflets.

Fragrance only slight

Awards All American Rose Selection 1991

Hardy Zone     4-9

carefree wonder pink shrub roses

These roses 'Carefree Wonder' make a very nice bouquet, and because the flowers come in large clusters, it allows you to pick a bouquet with just a stem.

They make great Shrub roses (or) hedge roses. They will bloom all season, with little effort from you.  A true "Care-free Wonder"!

The small clusters of double blooms cover the plant, in a rich color of pink.

They are also wonderful planted in the garden in groups of three for a spectacular display.They are bushy growing, and compact, making  nice hedges.

The flowers have only a very mild fragrance, but they have a wonderful ability to produce prolifically throughout the growing season.

The large brightly colored blooms of Carefree Wonder, complement the glorious, abundant foliage.

This rose is known as 'Dynastie' in Europe.

These shrub roses are shade tolerant,giving you more places to plant them.

The disease susceptibility is also a plus- Very Disease Resistant! Especially to Powdery Mildew, and also to the Rose disease Black Spot.

They also set hips in the Fall, giving you plenty to make tea with. Here's a recipe for Rose Hip tea!

This pink shrub rose is the result of a cross between the rose "Prairie Princess", one of Griffith Buck's roses (known for hardiness and disease resistance), with a number of modern roses. This free bloomer has good tolerance to both cold and heat.

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