Carefree Beauty Rose

Griffith Buck Shrub Rose

The Carefree Beauty Rose is one of the many hardy shrub roses developed by Griffith Buck of Iowa state. He wanted to create roses that could withstand the extreme cold temperatures without protection.

This one is a real 'Beauty', and 'Carefree' to boot! It is winter hardy in Iowa without any protection. The popular pink shrub roses on the Carefree Beauty rose seems to be always in bloom.

Buck Roses are always hardy roses that do well in colder climates. They have been bred to be not only winter hardy, but disease resistant as well. The late Dr. Buck tested these varieties in Iowa at the Iowa State University. They must withstand the winters of 20-30 degrees below zero to the hot humid summers.

Type Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Griffith Buck 1997

Blooms Semi-double flowers are a light rose color with yellow stamens. The flowers are 4 1/2-5" across, with 15-20 petals

Growth Habits Vigorous, upright, grows to 6' with a 4-5' spread

Foliage Medium size, color is a bright apple color to an olive green, and glossy

Fragrance Moderate

Hardy Zone

zones 4/5-10

This bushy rose plant, with lots of foliage, makes an excellent rose for a hedge. It is a profuse bloomer that stays in flower all season.

The rose colored flowers are semi-double, with yellow stamens. The flowers are on the large size.

It does best in Northern Climates, and is very hardy. It is said to withstand almost any winter.

This rose would make a nice hedge around the boundary of a formal rose garden. It might also be used in the back of a garden, because of it's height.

The very disease resistant foliage is an unusual color that adds to the attractiveness of the plant.

This rose also produces orange/red hips in the fall. Perfect for making rose hip tea.

This is a perfect rose for a beginner gardener.

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