Care of Climbing Roses

Climbing Rose Bush Care

care of climbing roses

Care of Climbing roses, to learn how to care for rose climbers.

Climbing roses have long canes, this is part of their natural beauty. Allowing them to grow long, is allowing them to reach their full potential.

Vigorous climbers need to be trained in the direction you want them to grow, and have some loose canes tucked in each year.

As you train them, you can remove dead and thin canes, and any others you don't want, keeping the bush manageable.

Since climbing rose bushes have such long canes, they can be adversely affected by winter kill in colder climates. So before purchasing your rose, be sure that it will do well in your

Planting Zone

Large-flowered climbers can generally grow without winter protection as far north as zone 6.

It is a good idea if you live in one of these colder zones to mound some soil up around the plants in the fall.

(Don't scrape the dirt from around the plant, this will disturb the roots)Bring the soil in from another part of the garden.

An old-time rose grower, once told me that the best winter protection for your roses was fresh Horse poop. She claims that the heat from the fresh manure, would help to keep the plant warm through the winter. I don't know if there is any truth to this, (I never had any of the 'Fresh' stuff available to me, so I never tried it! But I can tell you,.. this lady (long since passed) sure had some beautiful roses! so, if you live on a horse farm, or have access to some, you might give it a try!

Pruning For the Care of Climbing Roses

How to Prune Large Flowering-Climbers

It is necessary to know how to prune your climbing roses to get the best flower production from them.

Pruning depends on the type of bush you have.

Plants that bloom on (old wood), can't be pruned to heavily, or you will cut off all of this seasons blooms!

Pruning is done in early spring. Just as the plants break dormancy and the new buds begin to swell.

Pruning is necessary to:

*Remove dead wood

*Remove winter-killed wood

*Control growth, and ensure a good crop of new flowers.
In warm climates, I suggest pruning your climbers in January. When the buds begin to swell, remove dead wood, weak branches, and any stems or canes that look infected.

In Colder climates, March/April will be the time to prune. Waite for the buds to swell, cut back canes that have been winter-killed to healthy wood. (Winter -killed wood is dark) Cut just above an outward facing bud on green wood. This makes sure the new growth is started in the right direction. Make your cut on an angle.

Training Climbing Roses

training climbing roses

Climbers and Ramblers are very versatile, as well as beautiful. They can be trained as needed, to grow on an Arbor (see these beautiful Arbor Designs) Pillar, Fence,wall, or Pergola,

Climbing roses have mixed parentage, so their height, color, and form will vary. Generally, these graceful roses need help in achieving their height by the means of support.

If you do not tie them as they grow, they will topple, and unless you want that look of abandonment, you must keep loosely tying the canes in the direction you want them to grow.

They can be trained on a trellis, wall, or around a post.

Remember; Make sure the canes don't go straight up; fan them out a bit to encourage flowers all along the cane. See picture; Notice the new growth growing from the horizontal cane?  (all of these new shoots will flower!)

Planting for the Care of Climbing Roses

Planting climbing roses, is like planting other roses:

* Make sure they will get plenty of sun

* Plant in good garden soil, in which plenty of organic matter has been added

* Don't plant to close to the structure you want the rose to climb on, but not Too far away either.

* Plant the rose so that it is tilted a bit toward the structure it is going to climb.

* Water well after planting, and keep watered during dry spells.

(Do not fertilize new plantings until the first flush of flowers)

Be sure to read:

Planting Roses

Mulching for Care of Climbing Roses

It is very important to keep your climbing roses mulched, for a couple of reasons. The mulch keeps the soil shielded from the direct sun, aiding in temperature control and moisture. It inhibits weed growth, and defines the area to not only look attractive, but also keep lawn equipment such as mowers away from the bush.

Be sure to read:

Garden Mulch

Fertilizing for Care of Climbing Roses

Climbing Roses need the same amount of fertilizer as other rose bushes do. All the same rules apply.

Tip: Be sure to water your rose well the day Before you fertilize. This prevents the plants from becoming burned from taking up to much fertilizer. Also water well the Day you fertilize.

Be sure to read:

Rose Fertilizer

to learn all about fertilizing for the care of climbing roses.

Companion Plants for Climbing Roses

My favorite vines for planting with my roses are the beautiful Clematis Vines


They are unequal when combined with roses! Plant ones of different colors, so they stand out. Look through the list, there are so..many beautiful ones to choose from. I pretty much plant them, and let them grow, only occasionally tying them somewhere else. They naturally seem to know just where they will look the best!

Some climbers will look a bit leggy at the base, with little or no flowers, so to hide that, you can plant either much smaller roses such as Miniature Roses or some Companion flowers.

For planting flowers at the base of your climbers, choose something that doesn't have a large root structure, or doesn't spread much. (You don't want them competing for nutrients and water)

Look here for some ideas on different types of flowers to plant

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