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Striped Gallica Roses

camaieux rose

The Camaieux Rose, is a once-bloomer, with violet-red and white striped, scented roses.These old garden roses (Gallica Roses) are especially nice in a small garden. The Camaieux rose is compact,with an expected growth of about 3'.

The loose, double flowers are rose pink/red, that are splashed/striped, with white. Within a few days, they fade to beautiful shades of lilac, lavender, and gray, against a white background.

You get one flush of bloom, around mid-summer on these Striped Gallica roses. But the blooming is profuse! They are absolutely stunning rose flowers! These beauties bloom abundantly on short canes, making the whole bush appear (full of flowers).

Information About Camaieux

Type Gallica Rose

Hybridizer Vibert 1830

Blooms deep rose pink , with white stripes/splashes Flowers are 2 ½-3” across Button eye, flat form bloom flowers are medium to large size

Growth Habits Vigorous,Grows 3-4’ with a width of 3’

Foliage small, dull, gray green

Fragrance strong, sweet, spicy fragrance

Hardy Zone 4-8

The coloring on these Gallica roses, is quite unique. The lovely blooms start out almost violet red, then age to more of a purple, lilac color. They are always generously splashed with white. The flower is like a small striped pompon.

If you like striped roses, give these a look, as they are have very beautiful rose flowers.

The growth habit of this rose is compact, thrifty, and a bit twiggy. This rose spreads readily from underground suckers, and can sometimes become invasive.

Tip: plant it where it has room to spread, and you can enjoy even more of the lovely flowers, once a year!

Camaieux makes a nice rose for a hedge. Be warned, it does not like wet soils!

It got it's name from the contrasting tones found in Cameo work, that was very fashionable back in the 1820's and 1830's.

Striped roses were quite popular at the time this lovely rose was developed.

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