Cal Poly Miniature Rose

Miniature Yellow Rose Bush

The Cal Poly Miniature Rose has about the brightest yellow color of any miniature rose!

The bright yellow color is very long lasting. The little pointed buds open to lovely double flowers that once fully open reveal golden stamens. The brilliant color of the Cal Poly mini rose makes it a standout in the garden.

There is a faint scent of clove to the high centered blossoms. (Some report no scent at all) You won’t find many thorns on this rose; it is (almost) thorn-less.

Type Miniature Rose

Hybridizer Ralph Moore 1991

Growth Habits Vigorous growing rose that grows upright, and bushy, 10-12”

Blooms Medium Yellow colored blooms have 15-25 petals.

Foliage Medium, size, medium green colored foliage, Semi-glossy with few prickles (thorns)

Fragrance Only slight fragrance

Awards American Rose Society Award of Excellence 1992

Hardy zone zones 6 and warmer

More about Cal Poly Miniature rose..

The bright yellow flowers are set against a very dense backdrop of medium green, semi-glossy leaves, and stand out very well. The lovely flowers are borne mostly solitary; in cluster flowered form, and appear in small clusters, throughout the growing season.

This mini rose bush grows only 10-12” tall, and is very disease resistant. This rose is considered very easy to grow. This miniature rose 'Cal Poly', is partly popular because it is so easy to grow, but mostly because of the intense, bright yellow color. The fact that it is a vigorous and bushy growing rose helps too!

Use this disease resistant miniature rose in a border, where it will ‘shine ‘all season.

‘Cal Poly’ Miniature is a rose that was named to honor 'California Polytechnic State University' a well-known horticultural school.

If you are in search of a colorful 'yellow' colored miniature rose, check out this beauty!

There is also a 'Climbing' form Cal Poly Rose available. Produced by the same Hybridizer (Ralph Moore), the climbing form is of medium height, and can climb to about 8 feet.

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