Cabbage Roses

Centifolia Roses

The Cabbage roses (or) Centifolia roses, are full, globular, very fragrant roses.

Being centuries old, they are the most classic of the old garden roses.

These are the romantic looking roses of yesteryear, that were featured in many antique flower paintings. The French name actually means; Painters rose.


Redoute and Dutch painters painted it on everything from old china to chintz. Period wallpaper exhibits the beauty of these flowers, but cannot convey the wonderful fragrance!

The perfume on these roses is exceptional. For many years it has been grown in the south of France for its heady perfume.

It is one of the rose types that supplies the perfume industry with attar of roses.

Today you will find people referring to some of the English roses, (David Austin roses) as cabbage roses, but  Rosa Centifolia is the original 'Cabbage Rose'.

List of Cabbage Roses

Blanchefleur  White with occasional pink tints. Flat and very double. Sweet scented. Greyish green, soft foliage. Grows 5' x 4'.

Bullata 'Lettuce-Leaved Rose' Deep pink, very double, medium to large blooms. Large, matte foliage Bushy, spreading bush grows 5' x 4'

Zones 4b-9b   Once-Blooming

Duchesse de Rohan  Petals fde from rich warm pink to lavender. Heady perfume. Compact growing to 4'. (This one is not always classed as a Cabbage rose)

Fantin-Latour  Soft, delicate pink blooms are double, cupped, old fashioned rounded blooms. Grows tall, arching, spreading 3-4'.

Juno Globular double, pale pink blooms are produced profusely. Strong scent. Arching. Grows 4'x 4'.

La Noblesse Fully double, soft silvery pink blooms open flat. Strong scent. Well formed bush grows 5' x 4'. Flowers rather late in the summer.

Petite Lisette Deep rose pink flowers are pompon shaped, 1" across. Produced in great numbers. Grows 3' x 3'.

Petite Orleanaise  Small pom pom flowers are medium pink with a strong fragrance. Grows 4' x 3'.

Prolifera de Redoute Clear deep rose pink blooms have many petals. Highly scented. Coarse, greyish dark green foliage. Grows 6' x 5'. Very disease resistant.

Reine de Centfeuilles  Large, clear pink, double flowers reflex when fully open. Medium to tall, grows 5' x 3'.

Robert le Diable Crimson red with lilac and grey highlights and dark purple shading. Sometimes with a small green center eye. Grows 3' x 3'.

Rose de Meaux Small, double pink flowers look like Dianthus flowers with slightly frilly petals. Grows 2' x 2'.

Spong Medium pink cupped to flat bloom form flowers need dead heading. grayish green foliage Grows 4' x 3' Bushy, upright, well branched.

The Bishop Full, rosette shaped flowers are magenta, cerise and purple. Fragrant. Upright growing 4' x 3'.

 'Cabbage' Roses make Lovely Wedding Bouquets..

These type roses, as well as the English roses are simply stunning when used in wedding bouquets! They are becoming very popular these days with brides.

They hold up well, and are a nice replacement for peonies when the peonies are out of season.

Especially Victorian, or old fashioned weddings favor these types of roses.

The soft, romantic colors are easy for florists to please even the fussiest Bride!

Bouquets for the Brides maids, and centerpieces are also available.

Be aware though, if you choose these cabbage type roses, they are more costly than regular roses. (one of these might be equal to three regular roses)

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