Cabbage Rose

cabbage roseCabbage Rose

The Cabbage Rose, also known as 'Centifolia', or 'Provence rose'.

These are huge, cabbage like roses with a superb fragrance.

The French know them as 'The Rose of Painters', as they were used in many of the Dutch paintings and in Redout's art as well.

They are medium pink, very double blooms (sometimes a hundred petals), and over lapping petals that appear singly or in clusters of up to seven.

The Cabbage rose is a Once Blooming rose, in summer.

The heavy rose flowers tend to nod from the weight of so many petals.

It produces a some what arching bush full of blooms. A bush of Cabbage rose in full bloom is a stunning sight.

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 Cabbage rose   

Type Centifolia

Hybridizer  Unknown 1596 (it is believed to be in the Netherlands)

Blooms Medium to deep pink 60 plus petals  flowers are 3" across

Foliage Medium size, gray-green coarse, with some prickles (thorns)

Fragrance Moderate to strong Old Rose scent

Growth Habits Vigorous and upright, bushy growing. Grows 6' by 4'

Hardy zones zones 4-9

This once blooming, hardy, classic old garden rose has shallowly cupped, fragrant blooms. The large, outer petals eventually reflex but for the most of the time, they curve in to make a large goblet of pure rose pink.

This rose likes the sun, and tends to not open well in wet climates.  It is not particular about garden soil.

It grows large, so give it room to grow!

It should be pruned in late winter, and some support might be needed.

This is a vigorous, and healthy growing rose that roots easily from cuttings, and forms a nice clump when grown on it's own roots.

The origin of this rose is not known, other than it probably originated in the Netherlands, and was thought to be a hybrid between a Gallica and a Damask rose late in the 16th century.

It became popular immediately, and was the source of Dutch flower paintings of roses from the 17th century and onward.

Sports of this rose..

This rose produced many sports, some are listed below..

A white form known as 'Unique" was discovered in 1777. It was the exact same as 'Centifolia' except it was white.

'Unique Panachee' a striped form was distributed in 1821 It has rose pink stripes on a white background.  It displays weak coloring-and the plant usually reverts back to the original.

'Common Moss' another sport that was the first Moss rose.

Do you grow this rose, or any of it's sports? Won't you share a picture and/or comments with us? Send Pictures or comments Here.


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