Cabana Rose

The Cabana rose, is a unique, and stunning pink and yellow striped Hybrid Tea rose.

Considered a 'Blend', it may be hard to tell if this is a yellow rose with pink stripes, or a pink rose with yellow stripes!

Either way, it is the most striking color combination you will see on a rose!

Cabana roseCabana

These striped roses are a deep pink color, with soft yellow stripes. The blooms are not only breathtakingly beautiful, but fragrant as well.

Each bloom on this rose 'Cabana' will be just a bit different.

The large blooms are 41/2" across, with high centered to flat, reflexed bloom form. They are borne mostly solitary, with long 16-20" cutting stems. They make amazing roses for bouquets, with their spectacular color and fragrance.

The canes are (almost) thornless, making cutting stems for bouquets even easier!

Learn more about the Cabana Rose..

Type  Hybrid Tea

Hybridizer Dr. Keith W. Zarry 2000 (United States)

Blooms  Blend Pink and yellow stripes flowers are 4 1/2" across with 26-40 petals

Foliage Medium size, dark green, leathery foiage

Growth Habits Dense growing, upright, well branched. Grows 5' high  by 4' wide

Fragrance Moderate fragrance (spicy)

Hardy Zones  hardy in zones 5b and warmer

This is a vigorous growing Hybrid Tea that grows dense and upright with lots of branches.

Cabana loves the heat! This colorful rose is a sun lover and continues producing roses all season. It flourishes where other roses would not.

It is resistant to both Mildew and rust. It is however susceptible to Black spot.

Where can you Buy this rose?

Purchase it HERE fromJackson & Perkins

Caring for Cabana

Spring: Remove dead or diseased wood, and any canes that cross. The warmer climate gardeners will cut the remaining canes by 1/3.

Colder regions should provide spring freeze protection, and will have more pruning to do. 


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