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Buy flower seeds such as annual and perennial flower seeds at great prices. View pictures of the flowers and get growing information. An easy way to have lots of flowers for a small amount of money is to buy flower seeds and Grow Your Own! If you garden on a large scale like I do, or just want to have some fun (starting your own) plants, take a look at some of these wonderful flowers that you can grow from seeds.

If you have a green house, GREAT! This page is great if you want to learn

How to build a green house But you don't need a greenhouse to start some seeds! Some inexpensive seed starting trays work great.

On a budget? Make your own trays! Gather up those empty plastic flats from the flowers you bought last year, fill them with some potting mix, place on a flat pan or tray (to hold excess water) then wet the soiless potting mix a bit, plant your seeds, cover the flats with plastic wrap (until seeds sprout) place in a warm spot (or sunny window) and wait for the seeds to sprout. Hint; be sure to label the flats so you know what the seeds are! Once they sprout, remove the plastic, and keep turning the flats (plants will grow toward the sun)

Water as needed. Remember... When you buy flower seeds, those discount seed packets aren't always a bargain if the seeds don't sprout! And if you waste valuable time waiting, and nothing happens, you'll have to spend money for more seeds! These are all from a very reliable source, for a very reasonable price! Here are some of MY favorites!

purple petunias

There are so.... many colors and combinations of petunias. These plants are easy to start from seeds, and always do well for me.

petunia flowers
morning glories

I love to grow these annual flower seeds along with my climbing roses.

Morning Glory flowers look very pretty twining among the rose blooms!  Especially on newly planted climbers that will take a few years to get going, the morning glories give you instant flowers!

They can be very nice on a fence, trellis, or even a lamp post! Not your typical Morning glories! Terrific color!

babies breath

Do you love Baby's Breath? For instant bouquets, plant some of these baby breath flowers in the garden along with your roses!

Be sure to mark the spot, they are a bit late coming out, and you don't want to pull them out mistaking them for weeds!

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