Burgandy Iceberg Rose

Purple Floribunda Roses

The Burgandy Iceberg rose is just as beautiful, and prolific as it's parent 'Iceberg', a most popular rose.

These Floribunda roses produce quite striking purple colored roses with blossoms that are purple/red with a burgundy and cream reverse.

burgandy iceberg rose

The Burgandy Iceberg rose, are outstanding 'purple roses', that perform well in all landscape uses.

The bush itself is quite attractive, becoming a well rounded, bushy rose.

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Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Weatherly 2003

Blooms Deep Purple/red burgundy, with a cream reverse. Blooms are 4" across, with 20-25 petals

Growth Habits Bush is of medium size, grows upright, bushy, and makes a rounded bush 4-5', tall and wide.

Foliage Light green foliage is large size, glossy. It produces few (prickles)thorns

Fragrance Slight, Honey fragrance

Hardy Zone zones 6-10

More about the Burgandy Iceberg Rose...

These beautiful Floribunda roses will make a stunning display in your garden. The color of it's blooms are most unusual, and most welcome. Plant a couple of Honey Perfume Roses beside them for an eye catching display. Or plant some white, or yellow roses nearby. 'Iceberg', or 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg' perhaps.

Roses make a dramatic display in your garden when planted in groups of at least three. Consider planting more than one of each variety.

Flowers are produced in clusters, giving you a nice bouquet in every spray. Cut some for the vase, and enjoy not only the ruby/red color, but the sweet honey scent as well. You'll appreciate the fact that their are few thorns on this rose.

When cutting your roses, be sure to cut at an angle, above an outward facing bud, to encourage the plant to produce more blooms. Cut the stems longer than you need to, to achieve this. This is a disease resistant rose, that blooms really well. Cooler weather will intensify the rich color of the burgundy blossoms.

Reader Comments;

By PD  Laich (Penny) Bristol Pennsylvania

Iceburg Burgundy rose

This is our third year for the Burgandy Iceberg, a delightful floribunda with deep pink-purple blooms. Although the blooms are small (about 2-2 1/2 inches), they form clusters.

This is a bushy rose with a fine spicy perfume....and almost NO thorns!   Blooms appear all summer, and the color becomes more purple if the weather gets a bit cool. Now, however, it is unusually hot, and the flowers are more deep pink/red/purple.

   It is a hardy rose and does well here in the Northeast. This is another rose I can recommend.

burgundy iceberg bud

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