Buck Roses

Hardy Roses by Griffith Buck

Griffith Buck Roses are easy to grow roses, that are very low maintenance roses and cold hardy rose bushes.

They are cold hardy roses to zone 4.

buck roses

These roses were developed by a professor of horticulture at Iowa state University. This series of shrub roses has world wide recognition for being low maintenance and are wonderful cold hardy rose bushes.

The Griffith Buck roses  were developed to withstand the freezing temperatures of -20 degrees, This cultivar need no pesticides, or fungicides to thrive.

These easy to grow roses resemble modern roses, and are very useful for those in colder climate zones, to be able to grow beautiful roses.

Even without winter protection, these roses come back and thrive every year.

Information about this breeder:
(Griffith Buck)

Dr. Griffith Buck bred his roses at Iowa State University, from 1952 until 1985. He had a true love and passion for roses. He would combine strains of very cold hardy roses, with Hybrid Teas, and others.

The contribution he made to the rose industry through the breeding program, are still benefiting the industry today.

He planted them in the fields, and if the new roses survived the harsh Iowa winters of 20-30 degrees below zero, with absolutely NO protection, these would be the seedlings he introduced.

He ultimately introduced approximately 90 varieties.

His goal was to produce roses that were very hardy and disease resistant, but also have good disease resistance, good flower form and color, repeat bloom, and have a vigorous but restrained growth habit.

His efforts were a great success, but sadly, not appreciated in his lifetime. His wonderful roses, (called Buck roses) have now gained the acceptance and popularity they have long deserved.

List of Buck Roses

This is a list of some of the wonderful Roses by Griffith Buck:

Allamand-Ho - White/pink edged

Amiga Mia - Pink

April Moon -lemon yellow

Aunt Honey -rose-pink

Autumn Dusk -

Barn Dance -Neyron Pink

Blue Skies -lobelia blue

Brave Patriot - Red/ yellow stamens

Bright Melody - Deep red

Brook Song - Light Yellow

Carefree Beauty Country Dancer -rose red

Chorale - Light pink

Country Dancer - Pink

Country Music - Light Pink w/darker shaded pink

Countryman  -red

Distant Drums -bronz brown center/lavender edges

Dorcas - Pink shades

Earth Song -

El Catala -dark red

Ellens Joy - Light Pink w/darker pink shaded

Enchanted Folk Singer - peach/yellow

Folksinger -Light Peach


Frontier Twirl- Peach w/yellow center

Gee Whiz - Light Pink

Gentle Persuasion - Peach/yellow center

Golden Princess -Bi-Color peachy yellow overlaid/lipstick red (lovely)

Golden Unicorn - Yellow w/ darker center

Golden Unicorn -peachy gold

Grace Note - Pink Swirl

Griffs Red -velvety red

Hawkeye Belle -white/shaded pink


(pictured at top of page)

Iowa Belle - white/edged with strawberry red

Joseph F. Lamb orange/red

Kathy's Find  Mauve


Mountain Music

Musicale White/pink blend

Night Song Red yellow stamens

Pearlie May - yellow/lemon/yellow blend

Pipe Dreams

Polanise - cherry red

Prairie Breeze

Prairie Clogger

Prairie Flower

Prairie Harvest-Yellow

Prairie Heritage

Prairie Lass

Prairie Princess

Prairie Star - white (one of the most beautiful and fragrant of ALL the

Prairie Sunrise- apricot red

Princess Verona - Neyron pink

Queen Bee - Deep velvety red

Quietness - soft pink

Silver Shadows -pale lavender w/ silver tones

Simon Estes

September Song

Square Dancer

Sunbonnet Sue -apricot yellow/light orange

Summer Wind

Serpendipty -apricot

Wandering Wind

Wild Ginger - deep apricot orange

Winter Sunset - Yellow

This is a partial list of all the wonderful, hardy roses developed by Griffith Buck.

They are some of the most beautiful roses you will find. The colors, and bi-colors are amazing.

If you love roses, but have no luck growing them because you live in a harsh climate, "don't give up" give these a try!

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