Broadway Rose

Fragrant Hybrid Tea Roses

The Broadway Rose, is a very beautiful, and extremely fragrant Hybrid Tea Rose. The blooms are a delicious color reminiscent of a sunset!

The bright bold colors of yellow/gold are edged in pink/red, and get more brilliant with age. I imagine it gets it's brilliant colors from a parent 'Sutters Gold' The Broadway rose tends to have a problem with constant, hot sun, so a spot that will offer a bit of shade is more desirable for it.

This lovely, unique colored Hybrid Tea rose has a 'better than average' winter hardiness rating, but it will need protection in colder spots.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Anthony Perry 1986

Growth habits Grows 5-6 ft. Tall

Blooms Double flowers are a rich yellow/ gold color and are edged in pink/red. Blooms have 35 petals,and are high centered. Large flowers are 4-5" across.

Foliage Large, dark green leathery, dense foliage

Fragrance Everyone agrees: This rose is extremely fragrant!

Awards AARS 1986

Hardy Zone zone 7-10

The nicely scented blooms are not especially large, but very beautiful! The colors are striking! Heavily flushed pink outer petals,with a beautiful yellow color in the center of the flower.

This rose "Broadway" won the 1986 AARS award. It was introduced by C0-Operative Rose Growers in Tyler Texas. Tyler has numerous rose nurseries.

The Broadway rosebush is an attention getter in the garden. It draws your eye to it like a magnet. Plant this bush where it can be enjoyed from all angles of the garden. (And from inside the house if possible!)

The bush is clothed in lush, dark green foliage, which make the flowers stand out beautifully.

It grows tall,and upright. It is well branched, with lots of foliage.

The blooms appear mostly singly, but sometimes in small clusters. It blooms in flushes all season.

If you like cutting your roses for the vase,the flowers make beautiful bouquets. And the perfume on this one is extravagant. If you have a preference for fragrant roses, you'll love these! The scent is strong; Damask/Spice.

Since the bush grows large, you'll get plenty of flowers to cut.

The bush is also disease resistant to those pesky rose diseases... another plus!

You should prune this rose bush in early Spring. It blooms on new wood, so early pruning will promote new growth, which leads to more blooms! The blooms repeat late Spring/Early Summer.

More on pruning rose bushes..

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