Bridal Bouquet Design

Pictures of Wedding Bouquets With Roses

fall bridal bouquet

Your bridal bouquet design, helps set the tone for your wedding.

Along with the wedding gown, the flowers, starting with the bridal bouquet, is a very important part of the wedding.

Here you will find pictures for your bouquet design,and pictures of wedding bouquets, that will help you in deciding on your own special bouquet.

Many wedding flowers have the traditional rose bridal bouquet, but as you will see here,almost any flowers can be uses in your bouquet. This beautiful bridal bouquet, includes some colorful red roses. This bouquet is perfect for a fall wedding.

With trailing satin ribbon in shades of yellow, or orange tones, this bouquet would be quite unique.

pink brides flowers

Here you will see a bridal bouquet along with the attendants bouquets.

The beautiful roses in shades of light and dark pinks, make stunning bouquets. They have mixed in just enough white, to be able to blend the white satin ribbon in without adding an additional color.

Bridesmaids and maid of honor, could wear gowns of either pink shade, or both.

rose bridal bouquet

This bridal bouquet is made up mostly of roses in very light colors. Pastel roses like these remind me of an oil painting.

I can envision some lace added instead of ribbon, to trail down from this delicate bouquet.

The ferns make the blossoms stand out nicely, making you want to bend down and smell those fragrant looking blooms!

white and blue bridal bouquet

This beautiful unique bridal bouquet design, has a wonderful hint of blue by the way of Delphiniums. (My favorites). This could be a simple way of adding Something Blue

Something Old

Something New

Something Borrowed

and Something Blue

A mostly white bouquet of roses, and other flowers, with just a hint of blue...very pretty!

Bridesmaids gowns in Saphire blue would look fabulous, if this were the Brides Bouquet!

white bride bouquet

This is a very unique bridal bouquet design. This bride obviously loves yellow roses! The collar surrounding this lovely bouquet is the lightest shade of blue.

(Maybe another way to add something Blue I'm not sure what the white flowers are, a type of daisy I would guess.

The florist used the leaves of the roses in a circular pattern around the collar, adding depth to the circle bouquet, which makes the roses more prominent.

Looking at pictures of wedding bouquets will give you lots of ideas. You might see a design you like, or different flowers or colors that you hadn't thought of.

victorian bridal bouquet

This lovely bouquet, consists of mostly roses that are white, and a darker shade of pink. A touch of delicate airy babies breath is a perfect filler.

This bouquet has a delicate lace collar, that matches the delicate needlework in the dress.

Adding pearls and beads that will harmonize with your dress, or wedding theme, will make your bridal bouquet design even more special.

bi-color bride bouquet

This wedding bouquet is all roses, except for the Babies Breath used as a filler, and some dark green ferns.

The two-toned pink color of the roses are stunning!

The ribbon adds yet another shade of pink to the arrangement.

I find it one of the prettier bridal bouquet designs!

It seems very soft and romantic.

The roses almost seem to be glowing!

red and white bride bouquet

This is a most unusual bouquet, consisting of velvety red roses,

Calla Lillies,

Lily of the Valley,

Green Ivy, and some

Wispy looking Fern

This would make a nice bouquet for a Holiday wedding

or a Winter wedding

purple bridal bouquet

If you are looking for bridal bouquet designs using the colors Purple and Pink, this is a lovely option!

The circular greens really make the colors stand out.

Adding ribbon or lace of either color, would change the whole look.

Or imagine this bouquet without the green leaves. See how much more delicate it would look? You could now add some trailing lace, maybe even some pink pearls, and give it a much softer look.

pastel brides bouquet

Another very unusual of the bridal bouquet designs is this very colorful bouquet.

They've used quite a few different colors here. Surprisingly, it's a nice mix. I never would of thought to put these colors together.

The orange tones of the roses are echoed with those wiry orange fillers.

There are just enough purple colored flowers, to keep the purple bow in contrast.

Just goes to show you When it comes to your wedding flowers ,all things are possible! (Almost!)

yellow bouquet

Is yellow the color for your wedding?

Or maybe you just LOVE yellow roses!

This is a very simple bouquet using only yellow roses and Babys Breath.

Very pretty.

Keep in mind though, if Yellow is your color, yellow roses will come in varying shades, so be sure to talk with your florist, to get "just the right shade".

pastel bouquet

This is one of the most delicate looking bridal bouquet designs.

The roses used are very small and pastel colored.

There is just a hint of other colors used in the bouquet, pink, and purple, with only a bit of greenery, coming mostly fron unopened buds.

Notice the gloved hands? (Nice touch)

soft bride bouquet

Another very soft looking wedding bouquet.

These roses are a peachy pink color.

A smaller bouquet may be just what you are looking for.

white bouquet

White roses are the classic flowers for a wedding bouquet.

Roses- mean- Love

White- mean- Purity

You could have the lace collar on it or not.

A trailing satin ribbon would be nice also.

red and yellow bouquet

This colorful bouquet is very vibrant.

I love the combination of red and yellow.

You can find flowers in every color you want, in any shade of that color.

A bridal bouquet design doesn't have to consist of soft pastel colors. It's your wedding;If you want Bright and Vibrant: Go for it! These bouquets can be stunning!

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