Boscobel Rose

English Rose by David Austin

The Boscobel rose, is another beautiful English rose, created by the famous rose breeder David Austin.

This is a repeat flowering English rose, that displays the most beautifully formed flowers, with colors that change as the flower matures.

Beginning as red buds, the flowers take on a salmon coloring, that slowly changes to become a rich, deep pink color.

The red colored buds, open to cup shaped flowers that eventually become perfectly formed blooms that are the classic rosette shape.

The flowers are filled with numerous small petals that are in various shades. The mingling of the colors, makes for a very desirable looking rose flower.

These double flowers appear in flushes throughout the growing season. The bush is cluster-flowered, with small, fragrant, salmon/pink blooms glowing against dark green shiny foliage.

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Type   David Austin (English Leander Hybrid)

Hybridizer   David Austin 2012

Blooms   Deep pink, with varying shades About 78 petals

Foliage   Dark green, glossy foliage

Growth Habits  Upright, healthy growing, 3 ft. by 2 1/2 ft across

Fragrance  Medium to strong fragrance (myrrh)

Hardy Zones  6-9

This lovely colored rose, is not only beautiful, but has a wonderful fragrance as well. The fragrance on this rose is a medium to strong, myrhh scent, with hints of elderflower, pear and almond.

The rosebush grows upright,and is fairly disease resistant.

It is named after a house, not far from David Austins nursery. "Boscobel House", is a timber-framed house that is famous for being the place where King Charles II hid in an oak tree while Cromwell's soldiers were searching for him during the English Civil war in 1651.

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