Boogie Woogie Rose

Miniature Rosebush

Boogie Woogie Rose

The Boogie Woogie rose has beautifully formed, perfect looking Hybrid Tea form flowers on a miniature rosebush.

It is classified as a red blend miniature, with buds that begin a golden yellow, then open to show the inside colors of red and orange.

The very double, high centered blooms on the Boogie Woogie rose look very much like Hybrid Tea roses.

The vibrant blooms are orange/red color with deep yellow backs.

To bad these little beauties have no fragrance at all to them.

Type  Miniature rose

Hybridizer  Wendy R. White 2011 (United States)

Blooms  Red Blend blooms are around 2" across with 17-25 petals

Growth Habits   Vigorous growing rose can grow 14-17" tall. Upright growing

Fragrance   None at all

Foliage Large sized foliage is dark green and semi-glossy

Hardy Zones    Hardy zones 5 through 10

The flowers on this mini rose appear mostly solitary. It blooms in flushes all season from early summer right through late summer.

It is a medium sized bush, that is well branched with upright growth.

It is very vigorous, disease resistant, and hardy.

This is a very attractive and (attention getting) rose with perfect little flowers on a cold hardy miniature.

It does equally well in colder Northern states or humid Western or Southern states.

Boogie Woogie is great for borders, containers, garden roses, and cut flowers.

Don't let the lack of fragrance stop you from picking them, they make attractive and long lasting cut flowers for the vase.


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