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bonica rose

Bonica Rose has large clusters of soft candy pink fully double blooms. These Pink Floribunda roses are the perfect hedge roses, and shrub rose. No garden should be without the stellar shrub named "World's Favorite Rose" in 1997.

The Bonica rose forms a compact bush that features clusters of dainty shell pink flowers and glossy, disease-resistant foliage.  This landscape rose is pretty even before the first blooms appear.

The parade of bloom from Rosa 'Bonica' continues from the first flower, until frost and is followed by an abundance of bright orange-red hips. It is an ideal choice for beginners.

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Type Shrub/Landscape Roses

Hybridizer  Meilland 1987

Blooms large clusters of soft pink blooms that are 2 1/2" across, with around 35 petals

Growth Habits Arching canes grow 4 1/2' tall by 4' wide

Foliage mid green foliage

Fragrance apple fragrance

Hardy Zone zones 4-9
These roses are VERY hardy, they are in fact "One tough rose" They grow about 4 ft. tall and wide. You won't find a better rose to use for hedge roses.

The flowers have lots of small petals, and are cupped in form. They have a slight fragrance.

Bonica is very disease resistant, making them very popular for "no fuss" gardens.The repeat-flowering ability will keep the bush pretty all season.

These Landscape (or) Modern roses bloom from June- September.

bonica roses

A friend of mine, who never had much luck growing roses, used to say it was the only rose she could grow! her words were "These roses will grow in cement, if I can grow them anyone can! Are you thinking you can't grow roses???

Bonica will get more impressive each year. The lovely clusters of pink flowers will amaze you. Once established in your garden, it will tolerate even poor soils. Good or bad weather (winters) don't seem to phase this rose. It springs back with more vigor each year. It produces bright orange hips in the Fall. Being hardy to zone 4 makes it a very tough rose indeed!

Inter-planted with the wonderful Knock Out Rose they make a pretty display.

Planted around the edge of a patio or pool, or to edge your rose garden, they are fabulous. Wonderful modern shrub rose.

If you want to try growing roses, but don't know where to start, and you like pink roses, give these a try.

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