Blueberry Hill Rose

Floribunda Roses

The Blueberry Hill Rose, bears sweet scented, lilac/lavender semi-double blooms all season.

These Floribunda roses are highly rated roses, that have been tested just about everywhere! And have a very high success rate!

blueberry hill rose

 The striking blooms on the Blueberry Hill rose appear on a very disease resistant, round shaped bush with dark green foliage.

The large, semi-double blooms are so plentiful on the bush, they appear to smother it with flowers.

The pale lilac/pink flowers have darker colored backs, and bright golden stamens. When first open, the outer petals are darker than the inner ones, giving them the appearance of blueberries and cream. As they age, they pale to be the same color uniformly.

Type Floribunda Rose

Hybridizer Carruth 1997

Blooms Large, Lilac/Lavendar, with golden stamens. Flowers are 4” across, with 5-11 petals

Growth Habits upright, medium, rounded bush 3’ tall by 4’ wide

Foliage large, dark green, serrated

Fragrance Moderate sweet, apple fragrance

Awards Portland Gold Medal 2002

Hardy Zone zone 5-10

blueberry hill rose cluster

These Floribunda roses are produced singly, and in clusters of up to 9. They have long stems, that are perfect for cutting sprays for the vase.

The beautifully shaped crimson buds open out quickly to lightly wavy, very pretty lilac or lavendar roses.

You'll get profuse blooming, both during the first flush of flowering, and almost continually until late Fall. This rose bush grows into a stocky, rounded shape, with healthy, disease-resistant, attractive foliage.

The sweet apple scent seems to be more noticeable in the morning. This rose is a consistent performer in all climates. It will grow bigger in warmer climates, and need to be kept trimmed.

I got a chance to see these up close at the Elizabeth Parks rose garden, so I can tell you personally just how beautiful they are! The color is fantastic, and the number of blooms was amazing! It was such a pretty rose bush.

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