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blue rose

Wouldn't a Blue Rose look great in your garden? Maybe someday, but to date, there are NO really true blue color of roses. But there are many attempts that have turned into some very lovely shades of blue.

You can buy these blue roses at the florists, but they are actually white roses that have been dyed blue.

Gardeners everywhere, search for flowers with the color blue to add to their garden. There are many different types of flowers that have that color, so for now, we will have to be content to add the color blue by way of perennials and annual flowers, planted around our roses.

Below you will find some pictures of blue roses, with growing information about each one, should you want to plant one in your garden. These blue rose pictures are as accurate as they can be on your pc screen, so remember the flower may look quite a bit different in real life. The closest you will find to a blue colored rose, are ones in shades of lavender, and  lavender/red colors.

Moon Shadow

moon shadow rose

A most unique color on this dusky lavender/purple Hybrid Tea. This bush grows up to five feet.

The fully double flowers, are born on long cutting stems, typical of the Hybrid teas.

Blooms on this blue rosebush have a strong, antique rose fragrance.

This is a very disease resistant rose bush.

It is hardy in zones 6-10.

A very pretty (soft) blue / lavender color

Angel Face Climbing Rose

angel face rose

The color of this rose, is a silvery-lavender grey. This picture might not be quite the exact color that it is, but as you can see, it is NOT very blue, but more pinkish/lavender. Most catalog company's show you a picture of it being blue! I suggest you visit a nursery or public rose garden to view it yourself to see the exact color!

Hardy zones 4-10

Grows 8-10ft.

Blooms in late summer on old wood.

Very Hardy!

Perennial Blue

perennial blue rose

Photo courtsey: Bernhard Mehring

Mauve and Mauve/blend large-flowered climber/rambler.

Small-semi-double flowers appear in large clusters in a cupped bloom form.

This wonderful climber, blooms in flushes throughout the season.

It grows to a height of 8 feet. Medium, glossy, green foliage

It is hardy in zones 6b& warmer.

Lovely pillar rose as the picture shows!

Do you know the Meaning of Roses that are Blue?

Blue colored roses, in some cultures, signify a never ending quest for the impossible. (a mystery)

Wild Blue Yonder

wild blue yonder rose

This lovely Grandiflora is (not) blue color as the name implies, but it is certainly an astonishing color of red-purple.

It is a vigorous rose plant, with a Citrus and rose fragrance.

Hybridizer- Carruth 22006

The ruffled wavy petals are a velvety red-purple color.

The camellia like flowers are born in clusters. They open to show yellow stamens.This rose has excellent disease resistance.

The bush grows 4-5 ft.

Outta The Blue

outta the blue

Outta The Blue You have to see this rose to really appreciate its beauty!It has a look of antique roses,yet this blue colored rose plant is very hardy.

This shrub rose displays big gorgeous clusters of flowers, that are many toned, with rich lavender-blue hues, spiked with yellow.

Hybridizer- Carruth 2002

These blue rose bushes have an upright growth, that is slightly rounded, growing 3-4 ft. tall.

The fragrance is a strong clove and rose fragrance.

It is hardy zones 5-10

Midnight Blue

midnight blue

Midnight Blue is another rose by Carruth (2004)

This one is a very rich velvet/black/purple rose with a spice clove fragrance, like no other rose. The mysteriously colored flowers have showy yellow stamens, and bright green leaves.The roses fade to a lighter color as they age.A low grower, 2 1/2 - 3 1/2 ft.

It is very disease resistant.

Hardy zones 6-10

Blueberry Hill

blueberry hill rose

The large, semi-double blooms on this rose,are a beautiful shade of clear unfading lilac-lavender that open to show a golden center.

This is a very disease resistant shrub rose by Carruth (1997)

It grows  3 1/2ft.

This is a highly rated rose with an apple tart fragrance

It is hardy zones 5-10

Blue Girl Hybrid Tea

blue girl rose

This is a lovely Hybrid Tea rose. The color is not really blue, but more a silvery/lavender gray colored rose.

It's color is still unique, and it is a worthwhile rose.

It is hardy zones 4-10.

It grows 2-3 ft.

Flowers from June til frost!

A Myth About Blue Roses

Could this Roman Myth be the reason why there is NO Blue rose to date?

Flora, the goddess of flowers, asked the gods to create

a flower that all other flowers could use as a model of

perfection. As part of her request she asked that their never

be a blue colored rose, since the color blue was then associated with death.

If you have a rose in your garden that you consider to be very Blue , won't you share a picture of it on the"Favorite Rose" page for your Blue colored rose?It's very easy to do, and only takes a few minutes. I will create a page for your favorite rose, and YOU will have your very own web page!

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