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blue moon rose

Blue Moon rose is a fragrant Hybrid tea that is the closest to blue colored roses of any rose. These Hybrid tea roses prefer warmer climates, and do well in zones 7 and warmer.

Although they are not truly (blue), they are the most blue colored rose available! Did I mention the incredible fragrance? It will wow you!

If you live in a warm climate, and love Tea roses, this rose is a must for the cutting garden. The perfectly formed blooms of the Blue Moon rose, begin from long, elegant buds that open slowly. They are born one to a stem, and are great for cutting. Add some Baby's Breath, and a fern or two, and you've got a perfect bouquet!

You'll pick lots of bouquets for the house; so pair them with white or yellow roses for a 'picture perfect' bouquet!

This blueish colored rose the (Blue Moon), is probably the most widely grown, and most popular of all lilac/ mauve colored roses.

Type Hybrid Tea

Hybridizer Mathias Tantau Jr. in Germany in 1964

Blooms The lavender blooms have double blooms with 40 petals. Blooms measure 3-4 1/2 " across.

Growth Habits In the garden it grows 2-5' tall and can become 2' wide.

Foliage deep green

Fragrance Everyone agrees that the fragrance is "heavenly". It is considered to be;very sweet, slightly spicy, and strong.

Hardy Zone 6-9
If you have one growing in the garden, you will smell it as you approach, and in the vase, it will perfume the entire room.

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Care for these Climbing Blue Moon Roses

This Hybrid Tea Rose blooms on new wood. So in early Spring, you should remove any old or dead canes.

Cut the canes back by about a third, removing any winter-kill, and cut back any canes that cross. Pruning early will promote lots of new growth to insure plenty of beautiful lavender blossoms.

This Hybrid Tea rose "Blue Moon" looks especially good in large plantings, but they can be a bit hard to place them within a bed of mixed plantings.

It does have a few faults, but all in all, (The sheer beauty of it, along with the powerful fragrance)I think if you live in the right zone, you should consider growing it!

This rose is susceptible to the rose disease Black Spot on roses

as well as another common problem of the rose diseases and pests " Powdery Mildew"

Climbing Blue Moon Variety

Cover a fence or trellis with these silvery-lavender blue roses, and watch the attention they get! They make nice Pillar roses, and are especially nice growing on a lamp post. The exotic looking buds open to reveal huge fragrant blooms.

You will enjoy magnificent displays of these spectacular blooms all season, as the flowers keep coming.

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