Blossomtime Rose

Pink Climbing Rose Bush

The Blossomtime rose is a large flowered rose bush climber. These pink climbing roses, bear very fragrant, and very beautiful roses that appear two-toned because of the different colors on the petal front and backs.

The flowers are a silvery pink color, with a darker pink reverse. It has lots of petals, that combine two shades of China pink, producing a very unique color.

The Blossomtime rose starts with attractive oval buds, that are deep pink, and reveal the paler pink of the inner petals as the flower opens. This gives the blooms deep pink shadows. The flowers really are quite striking!

They are high centered bloom form, and produce flowers in small clusters throughout the season.

Type  Large Flowered Climber

Hybridizer  Conrad C. ONeil (USA) 1951

Blooms  Silvery Pink with a much darker reverse. Blooms are 3 1/2" across with 38-65 petals.

Foliage  Glossy bronze green foliage, mildew resistant, Healthy growing

Growth Habits  Vigorous grower 4-15' tall by 6 1/2' wide repeat blooming

Fragrance  Strong, sweet fragrance

Hardy Zones  zones 5-9

More about Blossomtime Rose...

The open flowers have somewhat muddled centers, and come in clusters of 3-7 blooms.

This is a vigorous growing rose, that you can let grow tall, or keep trimmed to a much shorter height to use on a pillar. It is hardy climbing rosebush that is quite adaptable. It tends to respond well to which ever training, and pruning method you choose.

It makes a rather shrubby climbing or pillar rose.

The large, double flowers have a wonderful strong, sweet fragrance.

This rose is repeat blooming from the first flowers in the season, through Fall.

It makes a spectacular display with those first flowers in early Summer.

It begins with a generous flowering, then seems to never be without scattered flowers for the rest of the season. (Well into the Fall).

The lovely foliage is very resistant to mildew.

Blossomtime was introduced by an American (Conrad ONeil) in 1951.  It seems that this was the only rose he introduced.

It was the first of the repeat climbing roses to have 'New Dawn' as a parent. New Dawn is a very popular, beautiful pink climbing rose as well.

Blossomtime remains one of the best pink climbers from raised from this rose.

Parentage; 'New Dawn'  x Unnamed Large flowered rose.

This is one I may have to try! I have good luck with the parent rose, and I simply love the colors on this one!

If you grow this rose, please send comments, (and pictures) so everyone can see it! send to  Favorite rose.

Reader Comments;

By; Nancy Grigsby (Columbia, KY)

I've had this rose for at least 30 years, and it's moved with me twice in PA, then to KY, then back to DE, then back to KY (two locales), and is still with me.  It has exquisite form and a fragrance that's hard to describe, and that lasts in its dried petals, so it's great for potpourri.  If I had just one rose it would be blossom Time.

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