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blaze rose

The Blaze rose, is a classic red climbing rose that has been around for a long time. It bears clusters of scarlet red decorative flowers on long canes that can grow to about 15 ft.

The flowers are somewhat rounded, or cup shaped, and appear in upright clusters of 3-10.

The Blaze rose is very winter hardy, and is easy to train. It is also easy to propagate from hardwood cuttings taken in the fall.

This is a red rose that your Grandmother grew. You might find them growing still at some old farm houses, where they were planted years ago.

Even today they remain a popular rose. They have been improved upon with the addition of the "Improved" Climbing Blaze. The (improved) part seems to be that is better at repeat flowering than the original.

Type Climber

Hybridizer Kallay 1932

Blooms Bright scarlet blooms come in clusters. They are semi-double, and cupped. Flower size is 2-3" with around 25 petals.

Growth Habits Canes are easy to train, they grow upright vigorously from 6 to about 15 ft.

Foliage Dark green, leathery

Fragrance slight fruity fragrance

Hardy Zone zones 4/5-10

This classic is one of the best of the red climbers, and the most popular climber of all time. These red climbing roses bloom heavily in the early part of Summer, and repeat fairly regularly throughout the rest of the growing season.

The red flowers look especially nice against a white fence, but they are also a good choice for pergolas, pillars, porches and arches. (or planted on a split-rail fence) as I've sometimes seen them!)

They perform equally well in any type of landscape situation, producing "instant bouquets" of flowers as they grow. They are disease resistant, and very hardy.

If you like red roses, and especially red climbing roses, these will certainly fit the bill! They keep the flowers coming, in a beautiful shade of red. They are very hardy and disease resistant; what else could you expect of a rose that has stood the test of time?

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