Blanc Double de Coubert Rose

Hybrid Rugosa Shrub Roses

blanc double de coubert rose

The Blanc Double de Coubert rose, is a Hybrid Rugosa rose. These Shrub roses produce clear white blooms with an intense fragrance.

It makes a very good rose for a shrub, hedge, or the back of the border. This typical Hybrid Rugosa rose has large white blooms with crumpled petals, that are very fragrant.

As beautiful as the blooms are, the papery white flowers of Blanc Double de Coubert rose do not like the rain, and are easily marked by it.

It is an outstanding rose that has been popular ever since it's introduction more that 100 years ago.

Type Hybrid Rugosa Shrub Rose

Hybridizer Cochet-Cochet 1892

Blooms Clear white, papery flowers are 4-5” across With 30 petals

Growth Habits Tall, Vigorous grower, bushy, grows 5-7’ tall, and can spread to 4' wide.

Foliage small, light green, leathery, disease resistant

Fragrance Intense

Awards Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

Hardy Zone 3-9

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The petals of this hybrid Rugosa rose are semi-double, and flat. They are pure white, with a very delicate texture, like that of tissue paper. They open flat, at different levels, revealing golden stamens. They contrast nicely against the leathery green foliage.

The fragrance is so intense, that you can smell it even at night. These shrub roses are nice planted as a hedge, where their fragrance, as well as the pretty flowers can be enjoyed.

This is a very hardy rose, as well as being disease resistant, and very fragrant roses. The heaviest flowering occurs in early Summer, but it continues to produce blooms all season, right through Fall.

The Blanc Double de Coubert rose is a vigorous grower, that grows thick and tall. It is a nice over-all hardy old fashioned rose bush.

Care: If you prune shoots in late Winter, by 1/2 to 2/3rds, you will get better flowering.

Remove all dead wood in the Spring.

Note; This one sounds like one I should try in my own garden! It is certainly a hardy rose able to withstand my cold zone 5 winters, and it is disease resistant, quite beautiful, and last but not least.....very fragrant!

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