Blairii No 2 Rose

Once Blooming Antique Garden Rose

The Blairii No 2 rose is a beautiful old garden rose with unusually large, pink flowers.

The flowers are pink at the edges, and pale to shades of lilac, gray, off white, dark purple, or crimson toward the center. It has lots of petals that open out neatly, and lie flat over each other in neat circles around the center.

The way the colors blend together on this rose, (blush pink melding to rich shades) is fabulous!A very dramatic, yet elegant effect.

The blooms are flat, globe shaped, cupped, and full of petals.

Type  The parentage of this rose is not known; It has been called a Bourbon, and also a China rose (I call it an Old garden rose)

Hybridizer  Blair  (Britian)1845

Blooms   Beautiful Pink shading, with the center being darker Flower size almost 5" across


Growth Habits Grows tall, lanky, vigorous,branching canes can reach 15'

Fragrance Strong, Sweet (Damask like)

Hardy zone   Zone 5-10

More about Blairii No 2 Rose.....

This beautiful rose was introduced by Mr. Blair of Stamford Hill, in 1945.  He was an amateur rose grower who lived in the suburbs of London. He raised three seedlings from his cross, and named them Blairii No 1, Blairri No 2, and Blairii No 3.  No 1 is still around, but rare. Blairiii No 3 has been lost to cultivation.

He did not reveal the parentage, but it is thought to be a cross between the Tea rose,"Parks Yellow" and a Gallica or Bourbon rose.

This once-flowering old garden rose makes a stunning display when used for an arch, wall, or anywhere you want it to climb. It is easy to train.

When in full bloom, the flowers come in large clusters, and are borne on long shoots that hang down from the bush begging you to smell the delicious scent! The flowers completely cover the bush.

It blooms in early summer, but very rarely repeats. It requires little pruning other than thinning out the old dead wood as needed.

New foliage is a brilliant copper red color. Be warned the bush has vicious thorns!

This rose can be susceptible to mildew and blackspot.

Probably not another rose has received such universal praise!

Do You grow this rose?

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