Black Roses

Very Dark Colored Roses

black roses

The reality is, there are no truly black roses, or roses that are black, that exist in nature. Ones referred to as a black colored rose,(such as the Black Bacarra rose), are really very dark red roses.

In the language (or) meaning of rose colors, a black rose is associated with death, or hatred. The meaning can also be farewell.

Roses with the word "black" in their names, are ones with the darkest red pigmentation.

Some have buds that begin with a color so deep, they appear black, but change to deep red as the flower matures.

These are Roses that are considered
"Black Roses"

Black Baccara

black bacarra rose

These lovely Black Baccara roses, are one of the darkest red Hybrid tea roses. This is a wonderful, long stemmed rose, that is great for cutting.

It has a very velvety texture, but only the slightest, nutty tea fragrance, to no fragrance at all.

The sheer beauty of the blooms make up for the lack of fragrance!

If you live in the right planting zone (6-10), make room in your garden for it. It's continous bloom will have you cutting roses for your-self, and your neighbors, all season!

The lovely rose images of Black Baccara, and Black Magic, are courtsey: Antonio Motta. View more of his beautiful roses at: Get more information about this incredibly unique colored rose, and find out if it's suited for your garden.

Some find it a most fascinating rose to plant in their garden, if only to have the bragging rights to owning a "Black" rose. Plant one if you can, and judge for yourself the Black Baccara Rose

Black Magic

black magic rose

These (Black Roses),are simply superb Hybrid Tea Roses. As the buds appear, you will notice that they are very dark colored, (almost black), and open to a velvety dark red garnet with darker edges.

Very long-stems (24-28")makes this a great rose for cutting. The blooms are also long lasting, making them a favorite florist's rose.

But won't they look spectacular in the garden, especially against a white fence, or a row of shrubbery as a back-drop?

Learn how to make your cut roses last longer This bush grows 5 1/2 feet tall, with glossy, dark green foliage.

The fragrance is subtle, but sweet.More about.....Black Magic Rose

Black Cherry Floribunda

black cherry floribunda rose

Beginning with their stunning, almost-black buds, these exquisitely formed flowers are the most alluring red roses.

The disease-resistant plant reblooms frequently. This striking own-root rose provides constant garden color.

Dark Red /Ovoid, Pointed buds, with medium green foliage, are great cutting roses.

Blooms have a light, damask fragrance

Plant grows: 3 ft - 4 ft

Hardy zones 5-9

Do you have a Really Dark red rose, you consider to be almost black? Share it with us! Fill out the short form on the "Favorite Rose" page of your Blackest Rose it only takes a minute to do. I'll put it on a page of this site, any YOU will have created your very own web page!

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