Black Magic Rose

Hybrid Tea Rose

black magic rose

The Black Magic Rose, are Hybrid Tea roses, with very beautiful colored red blooms that are simply stunning!

The dark red petals have darker red edges, that are so dark they almost appear black. The buds on the Black Magic rose are darker than the open flower.

It is surely not a Black rose, but it is as close as they can come. Roses with very deep red/maroon coloring, usually have names with 'Black' in it.

These (almost)black roses,are resistant to mildew, but not Black-spot.

If you live in the right climate to grow them, and like red roses for cutting; take a closer look at these!

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Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Tantau 1997

Blooms Very dark colored buds (almost black) open to reveal blooms that are a rich velvety dark red garnet with darker edges. The flowers are 4-5" across, with 30 petals.

Growth Habits This rose bush can grow 4-6' Flowers can be a bit (scarce), the bush is sometimes a bit stingy with them.

Foliage The foliage makes a nice backdrop for the lovely flowers. Dark green and very glossy.

Fragrance Subtle, sweet scent

Hardy Zone  hardy zones 7a-10

Learn more about the Black Magic rose..

This classically shaped hybrid tea rose blooms from late Spring through early Summer. It blooms on new wood, so you should prune it early to get the most flowers.

As with other Hybrid roses, this one does best in warmer climates. It is not hardy in colder zones.

It holds it color well through the hot sun, and does not fade.

 Black magic makes a superb cutting flower, with very long lasting blooms. It grows on long stems (24-28"), that are perfect for the vase.

The exhibition form blooms are like the red roses you get from a florist!

This rose is actually a florist favorite. Once cut, the blooms can last a week or more in the vase. The red/maroon colored velvety soft blooms make a spectacular bouquet!

Everyone who grows this rose 'Black Magic' agrees: The blooms are exquisite, although the bush doesn't produce as many as they would like, and the fragrance is a bit mild, but it isn't really a factor in choosing to grow it. The beautiful flowers themselves are the deciding point.

Once you see them, and experience their sheer beauty for yourself... you'll know why everyone feels they are worth the effort to grow them.

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