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black baccara rose

The Black Baccara Rose, are Hybrid Tea roses, with very unique coloring. The black buds unfold giving you very dark roses. Although considered a Black rose, I consider the color more of the deepest red/blackberry color. The flower buds on the Black Baccara rose however, are so dark, that they do appear almost black.

Black Baccarra roses are not only very beautiful in the garden, but make wonderful cut flowers as well. Once cut, they last a very long time in the vase. Here are a few tips to making your cut flowers last longer.

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Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Meilland 2001

Blooms Velvety textured blooms of a unique maroon/red color are 4" across, with 45 petals. Classic hybrid tea form.

Growth Habits The plant grows upright, 4 x6' high, by 3 x 4' wide.

Foliage Dark green, glossy

Fragrance none

Hardy Zone Information on them seems to differ from being hardy in zones 5-9, to being hardy in zones 7-11. (Personally I do not believe Hybrid Teas to be hardy in any of the colder zones)

Depending on your climate, (and even the time of day) the flower buds of Black Baccara will appear black, but as the velvety petals unfold, the blooms appear a very dark red color, with shades of black on the outer petals.

Black Baccarra roses are very often the rose of choice for funerals, memorials or remembrances. (Black colored roses are typically associated with death)

Being a Hybrid Tea, these roses may be a bit difficult to grow...

But if you are lucky enough to grow these beauties, they can grow any where from 3-6 feet high, and about 3 feet wide.

The blooms are repeated quickly, blooming abundantly all season. Giving you plenty of cut flowers!

Although the Black Baccarra Rose makes a wonderful cut flower, as beautiful as it looks, it is not fragrant. The flowers appear to be more "black" in color in cooler weather.

If you include this beautiful Black Baccara Rose in your garden, create a stunning display by planting some white roses near them. A couple of Black Bacarra roses as specimen plants, surrounded by some miniature varieties such as Gourmet Popcorn, would look fabulous!

Gourmet Popcorn

is a miniature with an upright, medium bush growth habit. Grows 18-24". The pure white flowers appear in cascading clusters.

Do you grow Black Baccara  in your garden? Won't you share it with us by sending a picture and your experience with growing it?

If your roses are blooming (or when they do) head out to the garden and shoot some pictures! Send them to: MY Favorite Rose page.

Thanks for sharing, it's nice to see and hear from others about their gardening experiences, it gives us inspiration to keep gardening.

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