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This article "Birth Flowers" from the all about rose gardening article library, tells you which flowers you are associated with according to your zodiac sign (birthday). These are "your" flowers, or Birthday flower.

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You might find this list of birthday flowers by the month useful... It could help you when choosing flowers for someone. If you know what month they were born, you can tailor the bouquet according to the flowers related to their birthday.

Many cultures associate flowers with special occasions.  Valentine’s day for example, is a day associated with being a very popular day for giving the person you love, red roses.

According to different flower meanings, flowers are often associated with birth months as well as zodiac signs. If you are curious as to what flower suits your personality according to your sun sign, here is a short flower guide to birthday month flowers:

List of Birth Flowers

Aires ~ March 1 - April 20 ~Red Tulips, Red Roses, Amaryllis~ The Aires person is enthusiastic and passionate. Red Tulips, red roses, and amaryllis are all flowers for this sun sign.

Taurus~ April 21 - May 21 ~Lily of the Valley, Sweet William, Lilac ~ If you were born under the Taurus, it is said that you are a person known to appreciate beauty. You are very sensuous, and a hopeless romantic. The Lily of the valley flower with its wonderful sensual fragrance, as well as Sweet William and Lilac are your flowers.

Gemini ~ May 21- June 21 ~ Rose~ If this is your sun sign.... you are believed to be multi-dimensional.  Since Gemini also stands for  love and friendship, your perfect flower is the rose.

Cancer ~ June 22- July 22 ~  Delphinium~ In astrology, the Cancer sign is associated with generosity. The Delphinium flower, with its unique shape, symbolizes giving, making it the Cancer sun sign.  Passionflower and Iris flowers are other ones for this sun sign

Leo-~ July 23- August 21 ~ Sunflower~  This flower symbolizes confidence and strength.  People with a Leo sign are confident  and strong. The perfect birthday flowers for Leo.

 Virgo-~ August 22- September 23 ~ Veronica~  A simple, sophisticated looking flower, for those practical people born under the sun sign of Virgo.

Libra-~ September 24- October 23 ~ Hydrangea~ These  flowers are shaped like stars, and symbolize balance. If you were born under the sign of Libra, you are a person with a need to maintain a balance of yin and yang

 Scorpio-~ October 24-November 22 ~ Red Peonies and Red Hot Pokers~ People under the Scorpio Sun sign are passionate and sensuous . Fiery red peony , and red poker flowers capture that passion.

Sagittarius-~ November 23- December 22 ~ Carnations~  Sagittarius people are fun loving, optimistic, and straight forward, often with unique personalities.

Capricorn-~ December 23- January 20 ~ African Violets, and Snow Drops~  This sun sign produces  ambitious, hard working, responsible people.

Aquarius- ~ January 21 - February 19 ~ Orchids or Bird of Paradise ~ For independent, intuitive, and spiritualistic people.

Pisces-~ February 20 -March 20 ~ Lilac, Jasmine, and Alstroemerias~ are the flowers for this sign.  They symbolize humorous, generous and compassionate people, making them the perfect birth flowers for them.

Now that you know your birth flowers, discover the flower Meanings

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