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Lovely bird baths, can be more than a focal point in your garden. Garden baths for birds may be the one thing you need to complete the garden.

Build your own or buy one, but give our feathered friends what they need to stay in your garden! (Water, and Shelter!)

Birds are very good for your garden. Along with being natural bug control,(who doesn't need that?), they give us a sense of peace, and serenity, while in the garden. Isn't it a welcome site to be in the garden and spot a colorful bird? Especially one that is rarely seen in your area.

I remember the first time I saw a Blue Bird in the garden, I went running for the house to grab my camera. I figured if I didn't have proof in the way of a picture, nobody would believe me that I really saw a Bluebird, and not a Wren or other bluish colored bird!

My other favorite bird is the Cardinal, I just love that stunning bright red color of the male, and when one is fluttering about, it always catches my eye.

I like to keep the birds in my garden happy, and coming back to the garden, so I give them bird baths and shelter with lovely Bird Houses.

You should make sure the birds have a clean and reliable source of water, for drinking, and bathing.

birds in birdbath

Along with being necessary for the birds of the garden, these baths for birds are very ornamental.

They come in many different materials, designs, and colors. You will easily find one to compliment your garden.

~ Bluebirds love to splash in baths.

~Hummingbirds sip water while hovering. They don't sit on the rim like other birds. They are constantly ready for a guick get-a-way!

It could take a few weeks for the birds to get used to. Sometimes they will avoid it at first, fearing danger. Once they figure out it is safe, you won't be able to keep them away!

Fountain baths, have an extra bonus, of providing us with that soothing sound of moving water. Birds are attracted to the sound, so having a fountain bath, could attract more birds to your garden.

There are many beautiful ones on pedestal stands, made from many materials, including concrete, and even a lightweight resin material that is very easy to move around.

Hanging ones can be quite ornamental also, although harder to keep water in!

How to Build Your Own....

Watch this video, and learn how to make your own!

The concept of this , is great, make it uniquely yours by painting it to suit your taste. You can buy painting kits to look like cement, or even marble!

Don't use a base deeper than 2-2 1/2 inches.

When choosing the perfect spot for your bird bath, consider this:

1. There should be a shrub, or tree nearby. This allows the bird to retreat to a close branch or limb, should they feel threatened.(Birds cannot fly well with wet feathers)

2. Don't put a lot of vegetation around the bath. Predators (such as cats) could hide there, and grab the vulnerable bird.

3. Make it accesjble for you to clean and fill.

Maintenance for Bird Baths

Keep the water clean and fresh! Birds can become sick from drinking dirty water.

note; Concrete baths can become very slippery, when covered with moss, therefore, you will have to scrub with a stiff brush, occasionally.

blue bird bath

If you have a large garden, or several gardens, consider adding more than one bath for the birds.

It's easy to find ways to tuck them into a spot that really adds to the garden. If it is close to a source of electricity, adding one with running water, such as a trickling fountain is a plus!

If you are looking for ways to add something whimsical to your garden, maybe something recycled, or no longer needed, you might find some good ideas for Whimsical Baths and Garden Art Goodies.

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