Bewitched Rose

Fragrant Hybrid Tea Roses

bewitched rose

The Bewitched rose, with its lovely pink roses, and extraordinary fragrance, will surely have you spell-bound! These Hybrid Tea roses, are pink fragrant roses that seem to have it all! They are a very profuse blooming rose, with a simply great fragrance, are disease resistant, and have such a wonderful pink color.

The blooms of the Bewitched rose make great cut flowers that stand up well in the vase.

This is a sweet looking rose with a lovely old rose fragrance.

More about the Bewitched rose...

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Lammerts 1967

Blooms The color is like pink cotton candy. The delicate looking blooms are 4-5" across, with 27-30 petals. The flowers are exhibition form (so classy looking)with yellow stamens.

Growth Habits Vigorous, rounded bush grows upright. The bush can grows 3 1/2- 5' tall by 3' wide. (depending on the climate)

Foliage shinny, apple green, and glossy. As new foliage appears, it is red in color.

Fragrance Old rose fragrance, is extraordinary, damask like

Awards AARS 1967,

Portland Gold Medal 1967

Hardy Zone

Hardy in zones 6-10

Beginning with it's perfect, urn shaped buds, this pink beauty is a most perfect rose! The double, classic Hybrid tea flowers, are large, double, and very romantic looking,with a pearl pink color, and a wonderful fragrance.

The high centered flowers take on a beautiful rounded outline, as the petals reflex, emitting a sweet Damask rose fragrance.The flowering on the bush is profuse, and continues throughout the growing season.

Do you like to cut your roses?

Who wouldn't want to cut a bouquet of these beauties? The flowers are borne on long, strong, stiff stems, that are perfect for a bouquet. The long vase life, and unforgettable fragrance, make them a great cut flower. It is no wonder this classic has been popular for over 40 years!

This rose bush is considered very disease resistant. These pink hybrid tea roses hold their color even in the hottest weather. They are happiest (and at their best) when grown in warmer climates.

The soft petals are easily marked in cool, wet conditions.

If you live in the right climate to grow Hybrid Tea roses, you should give these a look.

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