Beverly Rose

Fragrant  Hybrid Tea

Beverly rose

The Beverly Rose is a very beautiful and very fragrant Hybrid Tea rose.

As you can see from the picture of it, it is a most charming blending and shading of pink. The insides of the petals appear to have a lighter shade, while the middle of the rose appears a much darker shade.

Beverly rose has an exceptional fragrance of citrus. The scent is a pleasing combination of oranges, pears and plums mixed with myrtle and patchouli! Once you smell it, you'll discover why it is one you will not soon forget!

Blooms are classic Tea roses, very full, high centered roses, just as you would expect from a Hybrid tea rose.

More on the Beverly rose..

Type  Hybrid Tea rose

Hybridizer W. Kordes & Son 1999 (Germany)

Blooms Light Pink blend roses have 45 petals and are 4" across

Foliage Healthy foliage is dark green

Fragrance Very strong fruity fragrance

Growth Habits  Upright, Tall and Bushy growing around 3-4' tall by around 2' wide

Awards  Golden Rose of the Hauge 2013, Favorite Rose Award 2010, La Tacita Gold medal 2010, Baden-Baden Fragrance award 2008,Baden-Baden Silver medal, Belfast most fragrant award 2009, and numerous gold and silver medals around the world

Hardy Zones   Zones 5-8

Parentage; The McCartney rose  x Seedling

The large sized flowers come mostly as singles, in small clusters on this highly disease resistant bush. It is resistant to both black spot and mildew.

It is vigorous growing and produces roses in flushes throughout the growing season.

It is upright growing and bushy.

If you like growing Hybrid Tea's, this one would be a good addition to your garden. It has everything (I) look for in a rose; Beautiful flowers, wonderful, strong scent, disease resistant, and hardy.

Did I mention that it has won Many awards? Check out the awards above.

You might know this rose by an alternate name; Perfume Passion, Pink Perfection or Sophie Davant.

If you enjoy picking your roses and bringing them inside, this is a great rose for the vase!


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