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betty prior rose

The Betty Prior Rose, is a Floribunda Rose with bold pink fragrant blossoms. These Floribunda shrub roses, are on my list of

Easy to grow roses Why is the Betty Prior rose on the list? Simply because they are very EasY to Grow Roses They require very little care to thrive. They are a dependable, long-lived, and hardy garden rose bush.

These pink roses appear in large clusters of single-flowered cerise-pink blooms that just keep coming all season. They are excellent in mass plantings or as hedges.

The bush appears to have two different roses on it, because younger flowers are darker, and fade to a lighter pink as they age.

The cheerful flowers are a pretty shade of pink,that gets lighter on the inside of the petal, giving them a white eye.

Type Floribunda

Hybridizer Prior 1935

Growth Habits Grows medium/tall,stiff, upright, vigorous and bushy 4-6'

Blooms Carmine Pink with lighter interior and white center. Single flowers have 5-7 petals

Foliage Medium dark green, glossy, disease resistant

Fragrance Moderate, lightly scented

Hardiness zone Hardy zones 4-9

Awards Royal National Rose Society of Great Britian Gold medal 1933

This is a rose that is very popular, and very highly rated. It is a classic that is still widely grown today. The modest-sized clusters of pink single-petaled blooms resemble butterflies sitting on the canes.

The Betty Prior rose is a very vigorous, versitile, and disease resistant rose bush, that requires very little care. It blooms continually all summer, reaching 4-6 feet, and continues to be free-flowering right through fall. The cooler weather makes the blossoms redder.

It is a long-time favorite that does well even in harsh climates. It is a great rose for making hedges, or when planted in groups.

The lightly scented blooms are cupped, and open to a saucer shape. They are produced in large clusters of modest sized blooms with 5 petals. The rose plant displays a continual cycle of growth and bloom through Summer and Fall, on an upright plant, with healthy, matte green foliage.

The name for this rose came from a lady who was a member of the raisers family at their nursery in Essex.

If you are new to gardening with roses, this delicate looking Floribunda, would be a good rose to begin with.  Despite it's lack of a strong fragrance, it has so many other good qualities, it won't disappoint you!

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