Best Time to Plant Roses

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When to Plant Roses

The Best Time to Plant Roses depends on where you live and garden.

When to plant roses also depends on the rose.... Bare root, or potted.

Bare Root

Cold climate zones plant roses in the early Spring. (As soon as the ground is thawed)

This may seem too early.... but it is ideal for planting your roses!

Warm climate zones plant in December/January.

Planting early gives the canes at least a month of cool to cold temperatures that will allow the roots to grow and become established before top growth begins.

It is very important that you choose, and order your new (bare root) roses Early, so that they can be shipped at the proper planting for your area!

It is best that the roses remain dormant before planting.

After Planting your roses, give them a nice covering of mulch to protect them and keep them dormant until the roots catch up.

Container Rose

Container roses can be planted any time during the growing season. (Earlier is better) Planting early gives the rose more time to establish it's root system before cold weather.

Planting in the heat of summer is more stressful on the plant. Be sure to keep all newly planted roses well hydrated!

Chart of the Best Time to Plant Roses
(Bare Root)

shovel for planting roses

This chart gives you the best time for planting bare root roses in each of the hardiness zones.

The colder your zone; the later you can plant within that time.

After the date specified, you would be better off planting container roses.

This is by no means the ONLY time to plant.... Simply a Guide.

Best Time to Plant Roses That are Bare Root


Best Planting Dates

Zone 8 and 9

December 20-March5

Zone 7

November 20-March 20

Zone 6

Ground Thaw to April 5

Zone 5

Ground Thaw to April 20

Zone 4

Ground Thaw to May 5

Zone 3

Ground Thaw to May 20

Find your Climate Zone.

This is by no means the only time to plant your roses, it is simply a guide to the Best time to plant roses.

Mother Nature can bring us some crazy weather that could make some of these times impossible, so you'll have to use your best judgement to find your own best times.

When ordering roses from mail order, the company will send them to you at the proper planting time.

Try and plant them as soon as possible.

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