Best Roses for Cutting

List of Long Stemmed  Roses for Cut Flowers

This is a list of the Best roses for cutting.

If you want to grow lots of roses that you can cut regularly, plant these long stem roses.

 If you grow the best roses, and cut them at the proper time, you can enjoy your cut roses for up to five days or more.

best red roses for cutting

Keep reading, to learn some tips on cutting roses that you might not know!

Hybrid tea roses, Floribunda roses, and Grandiflora roses are highly desirable for cutting. The tea roses have long stems, and classic full flower forms.  These are the ones you purchase (or receive) from the florists, when you want a bouquet of long stemmed roses.

The more petals a rose has, the slower it will open, and the longer it will last.

Shrub, English roses, and old garden roses do not make the best roses for cutting, because they have fewer petals, and open quickly. Thus, they do not last long in the vase. When you grow your own, you have plenty to spare, and might still want to sacrifice some for the vase.

You should cut garden roses from a plant that has been well watered. If the flower is well hydrated, it will have plenty of energy to develop and open naturally, and stay open longer.

List of Roses to Cut for a Beautiful Garden Rose Bouquet

Click on any of the highlighted ones, to go to the page, and learn more about that rose.

Anne Harkness         ~ Apricot

Barbara Streisand    ~  Deep Lavender blushed with Purple

Bewitched Rose        ~  Pink

Black Baccara Rose  ~ Deep Red/Blackberry

Black Magic Rose      ~Dark Red/Maroon

Blue Moon                ~ Lavender

Brides Dream            ~Pale Pink

Cardinal de Richelieu  ~ Dark Red

Crescendo                  ~Soft Pink/White blend

´╗┐Crystalline                  ~White

Elina                           ~Yellow

Fragrant Cloud Rose     ~Coral/Orange

Just Joey                      ~Coppery/Orange

Kardinal                       ~Red

Lagerfeld Rose             ~Lavender Purple

Love and Peace             ~Yellow/Pink Blend

Mary Rose                    ~Pink

Mister Lincoln Rose        ~Red

MMe Hardy                    ~Pure White

Moonstone                     ~Pure White

New Zealand                  ~Lght Pink

Olympiad Rose               ~Red

Peter Mayle                    ~DeepPink

Queen Elizabeth              ~Pink

Royal Highness                ~Light Pink

Silver Jubilee                   ~Pink Blend

Toulouse                         ~Yellow

Valencia                          ~Amber yellow

Veterans Honor                ~ Red

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Grow a Garden of Cut Flowers

bouquet of pink roses

Cutting gardens are usually planted in one area. You should plant generously for plenty of fresh cut roses, and flowers. This garden doesn't have to look pretty, it's purpose is to supply you with roses and flowers to cut.

 If you desire large arrangements of roses, you will need to plant many of the same rose, if you want flowers of the same kind in the bouquet.

My friend (who loves her roses) calls her cutting garden "long stem roses growing", I call it "rose gardening with a specific purpose",

If you enjoy picking, and arranging flowers, consider planting other annual, and perennial flowers to add to the bouquet. That way, you'll have plenty of other cut flowers to use as fillers for your bouquets. If you need other flowers, or greenery to use as fillers, you could always purchase some from the local florist.

Special care, like using a floral preservative, after cutting roses, will make them last longer. Want to make your own preservative?

This is a short list, of the best cutting roses. You will find lots more listed throughout this site, so browse the many pages, and enjoy!

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Below are some of the most Popular Types of the Best Roses for Cutting

hybrid tea rose

Hybrid Tea Roses

floribunda rose

Floribunda Roses

grandiflora rose

Grandiflora Roses