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Find the Best Climbers Listed by Specific Climate Zones

climbing roses on archBest Climbing Red Roses

Here you will find a list of the best climbing roses for each of the specific climate zones.

If you've ever wondered which one to plant, that will survive and thrive in your specific zone..... Now you've found a guide!

Best Climbing Roses for Cold Climate Zones..

These are climbing roses that are specifically hardy and the best climbing roses for cold areas.

Yellow Climbing Roses


Sunshine yellow pale to delicate pastel


Deep green foliage


Harisons Yellow

Sunny yellow blooms

Once Blooming

Small climber to 6' Nice on a trellis!

Hardy zones 3-8

More about it Here.

Henry Kelsey

Vivid red roses with golden stamens.Large clusters of flowers from early summer until frost.

Canes can grow up to 15'.

Considered to be THE best red climber for cold areas

Hardy zones 3-9

More about it here


Creamy pale yellow semi-double blooms

Vigorous, small climber

Repeats all season

Resistant to black spot and mildew

Pink Climbing Roses

American Pillar

Carmine pink with a white eye

Very vigorous, grows up to 20'

No fragrance

zones 5-9


Cupped,very full double soft pink flowers

Old-fashioned fragrant, nodding flowers

Vigorous canes grow 8-10'

zones 5-9

John Cabot

Small, fushia colored roses come in clusters

Grows up to 8'

Light, musky fragrance

hardy zones 3-9

More about it Here

New Dawn

Pearly white/pink loosely double


blooms in large sprays

Vigorous, upright grows 10-12' or more

zones 5-9


Rose-pink, large, double blooms

Grows bushy and upright 10-12'

Abundant spring flowering-intermittently through the season, and generously again in fall.

zones 5-9

 William Baffin

Flowers the color of strawberry ice cream!

Extremely hardy

Grows 8-10'

Hardy zones 3-10

More about it Here

Red Climbing Roses


Huge clusters of large, single, red flowers have a prominent white eye

Vigorous, thorny canes with glossy leaves

Grows 8-10'

zones 5-9

White Climbing Roses

White Cockade

Pure white, high centered flowers


Short climber to 8'

Glossy foliage

Good repeat bloom

zones 5-9

Best Climbing Roses for Warmer Zones..

These are some of the best climbing roses for warmer climates;

Note; There are certainly many, many more great climbers, but here you will find ones considered by some gardeners to be the best!

If you have a favorite climber that you grow in your garden, that is not listed here; Please share it with us, by submitting it to MY Favorite Rose page (Easy to do) thanks..

Clair Martin

Pink, semi double blooms

Cupped, cluster flowered

Upright, vigorous 8-10'

Great for pillar or arch!

zones 6-9

Don Juan

Large flowered hybrid tea form burgundy red

Keep color well, great for cutting


Bushy, upright growing to 8'

zones 6-9

Golden Showers

Large flowered climber, loosely double clear yellow with golden bronze stamens

Very fragrant

A very good bloomer

Grows 6-10'

zones 6-9


Very large, single canary yellow flowers with red stamens

Slightly scented clusters

glossy foliage

Grows 10-25'

very disease resistant

zones 7-10


Creamy white hybrid tea form

Clusters of flowers that open out flat

 Rich tea fragrance

Vigorous, upright grower 8-10' with lots of thorns

Beautiful cut flowers!

zones 6-9


Purplish color with gold stamens and a white eye

orange fragrance

nearly thornless

Grows 10-15'

zones 6-19

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I will be adding more warm weather roses, as well as ones for Humid areas; If you would like to share your favorite, please use the Favorite rose link above.

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