Benjamin Britten Rose

Orange Blend English Roses

The Benjamin Britten rose has very unusual coloring for an English rose. The beautiful salmon pink color changes with age to a very strong shade of pink. The blooms are deeply cupped, and gradually open to slightly cupped rosettes. The flowers are borne in small clusters that appear in flushes all season.

This English rosebush has an intense fragrance with a fruity scent. It has aspects of wine and pearl drops.

Type English Rose

Hybridizer David Austin 2002

Growth Habits A medium habit of growth. It grows 4 ft. high by 3 ft. wide, as a shrub, or 8-10’ when grown as a climber.

Blooms Salmon pink color. The blooms are cupped flower form, with about 60 petals. The flowers measure around 3” across.

Foliage Medium size, semi-glossy, dark green, foliage

Fragrance Strong fragrance, Fruity scent

Hardy zone zones 6

'Benjamin Britten rose", with its orange/pink roses are deeply cupped roses that gradually develop into open, slightly cupped rosettes. It is a very fragrant rose that makes a nice shrub rose, as well as a climber. It is a rather unusual color for an English rose. Sort of red, with a touch of orange.

These David Austin roses are very disease resistant. They are orange blend, or red blend roses, that are especially nice when planted among the softer, lighter shades of the other roses. They are repeat flowering, all season. The shape of the blooms remind me of Peony flowers.

It is a very vigorous growing rose, with dense foliage. The blooms tend to ball in wet weather. Deadheading will keep the blooms coming.

The flowers make wonderful cut flowers. They have beautiful colored blooms, with a strong, fruity fragrance. These David Austin roses are great used for garden, or shrub roses, as well as climbers.

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