Beneficial Garden Insects

The Good Garden Bugs

Encourage beneficial garden insects to defend your garden. For thousands of years people have relied on good garden bugs to control the insect pests in their garden.

The use of beneficial insects, is an effective and responsible way of controlling many garden pests, natures way.

lady bug

Using this method of organic gardening pest control, you'll be encouraging the good bugs to stay in your garden,creating a natural garden pest control,that will keep most insect pest populations at a minimum. You will probably still see a few beetles or caterpillars munching on the plants, but when you encourage the help of their natural enemies, you can use natural pest control to restore a better balance.

Use the Help of Beneficial Insects

When you rely on natural gardening methods for organic pest control, you can control insects that are bad bugs in the garden.

*Avoid using toxic pesticides. They kill the beneficial insects as well as the garden pests.

*Introduce some new populations of beneficial garden insects

* Release your new beneficial insects in the evening after you have sprinkled water in the release area.

(the insects are thirsty after traveling)

                                 Use Bugs that eat Bugs!

Lady Beetles (Ladybugs) are Beneficial Garden Insects

Lady Bugs in the garden, are excellent for controlling aphids. Once introduced, ladybugs continue defending your garden for quite some time. They are the perfect natural pest control, because females lay eggs, and provide a second wave of pest-eaters within a week. And these larvae, which can't fly, have an even bigger appetite than the adults!

900 Adults will produce more than 10,000 pest-eating larvae in your garden within 30 days.

They will stay right where they are and just keep eating those bad bugs, and providing you with garden insect control!

With that many bugs defending your garden,those nasty little aphids won't stand a chance! An organic garden pest control, of bugs eating bugs to that takes care of the problem!

More Good Bugs

Green Lacewings are the best all-purpose predator for your garden or greenhouse.

About 10 of these Chrysoperla sp. lacewing eggs per plant or 1,000 eggs per 200 sq. ft. will control a moderate aphid population.

These beneficial garden insects are the best all-purpose garden predator for natural insect control!

These interesting looking bugs control a good number of predators, including:aphids, mealybugs, immature scales and whiteflies, thrips, spider mites and other garden insect pests.

The kids find these bugs very interesting! Like "bugs from another planet" or something. Well, I must admit, they are a bit exotic looking....

Mason Bees

Believe it or not, there’s a kind of bee that is up to 90% more efficient at pollinating plants than honeybees! Plus, it doesn’t sting. It’s a common species called the mason bee, and you can encourage its presence of these beneficial garden insect in your garden by offering a place for the bees to nest. They are great for pollinating your flowers in the garden!

Another Organic Pest Control Garden Tip

Beneficial Toads in your garden will help to control damaging insects. The average toad will eat 50-100 insects every night, which will reduce the insect damage to your garden. A decorative and functional toad house allows toads a safe haven from predators and provides cool shelter from the hot sun. The size of the entrance hole needs to accommodates larger toads. Consider a vibrant ceramic piece that adds beauty and charm to the functional house. Place your toad house in a cool, shady area that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic. It is best placed near water, if possible, as toads love a moist and damp living area with surrounding plants.

By planting flowers/plants that attract the beneficial bugs, you will bring more of them to your garden.

Now that you know about Beneficial Garden Insects;see Rose Diseases and Pests

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