Beloved Rose

Red Hybrid Tea Roses

The Beloved rose is a beautiful new 2015 introduction of a rosebush that produces red Hybrid tea roses.

These are  the classic form Hybrid teas with long cutting stems. They are perfect for filling a vase (or giving as a gift).

If you live in the right climate to grow the Tea roses, and love cutting your roses, then roses such as Beloved are typically the ones you would plant.

beloved rose

The Beloved rose gives you lots of flowers in flushes all season. It blooms the first year it is planted.

The blooms on this rose are large size, and a vivid dark red color that stand out well against that glossy dark green  foliage. The dark colored petals look like red velvet.

The beautiful foliage is also quite disease resistant. Rose diseases such as Rust, Powdery Mildew, and Downy Mildew are commonly not a problem for 'Beloved'.

Type Hybrid Tea Rose

Hybridizer Brad Jalbert 2015 (Canada)

Blooms   Bright vivid red blooms are classic hybrid tea form and have  17-25 petals. The flowers are 4 1/2" across

Foliage   Dark Green and glossy Foliage is disease resistant

Fragrance Only Mild Scent

Growth Habits Grows upright to around 5', and about 3 -4' wide

Hardy Zones  Zones 6-10

The blooming on the Beloved rose begins in early summer and continues through late summer. Deadheading the spent blooms will keep the bush flowering.

It is unfortunate that there is not much of a scent to these lovely red roses, but it has a lot of other things going for it;

  • Beautiful Color
  • Classic Form
  • Disease Resistant
  • Heat Tolerant
  • Good rose for the vase
  • Blooms the First year
  • Repeats Blooms
  • Produces Hips

It makes a nice addition to the cutting garden, (or any garden) giving you wonderful red blooms with long stems, that hold up very well in the vase. They last a long time and hold their form well.

If you grow this rose, let us know how it does for you!


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