Belle de Crecy Rose

Gallica Roses

The Belle de Crecy Rose are Gallica roses with relaxed, cerise and purple colored blooms.

Hot weather turns the blooms lavender gray to violet. These are classic Gallica roses, that produce blooms in abundance, and change color as they age.

Arching canes on this unique rose make it 'one beautiful rose'.

The flowers on these pink rose bushes are large, full, and flat with a button eye, that has in-curved center petals. It also has few prickles (thorns).

If you want roses with fragrance, this beauty blooms profusely, and is a very fragrant rose.

Type Gallica Rose

Hybridizer Roeser prior to 1829

Blooms Blooms are rich pink that age to a purplish color The flowers are 3” across, with over 100 petals

Growth Habits Medium, bushy, vigorous 3-4’ by 5’

Foliage small to medium dark grey/green, matte with few prickles (thorns)

Fragrance Intense fragrance

Awards Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit 1993

Hardy Zone 4-10

More about Belle de Crecy Rose..

A lovely old rose, with an intense fragrance. The large cerise and purple blooms turn to a much lighter color as the flower ages. When in bloom, it is a profuse bloomer.

I love the look of these old Gallica roses. The loose flower form, and wonderful old-rose fragrance gives them character, and remind me of the beautiful English roses.

I find the lovely, soft mauve color blends well with other soft colors, including the greenery of the garden, quite well.

Because of their hardiness, beauty, rose fragrance, and wonderful blooming ability, 'They are my kind of roses for the garden!'

It is not a 'full' shrub, but rather more flimsy, with flexible green mottled, brown stems.

The Hybridizer of this rose had his nursery in France, and most likely named this rose after that place (Crecy-en-Brie).


The more you prune this rose bush, the larger, but fewer flowers you will get. Lighter pruning will will give you more flowers that are smaller.

Do You grow this rose?

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